Chandler Massey on Keeping Will’s Secret and How ‘Days of our Lives’ Can Be Part of a Positive Movement

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( — It was March of this year that word broke out that “” was planning to have a major character come out of the closet. Almost immediately after the news broke out reports were flying that Will Horton, portrayed by , would be the one to come out. Eight months since the news first leaked, the NBC Daytime soap has finally revealed that Will will in fact come to the realization that he is gay, but what does Massey think about portraying such a character and how has he managed to keep it such a secret for so long?

“I’m thrilled and honored,” said an energetic Massey on getting the chance to tackle such a topical issue as a teen coming out. “I was told about it in February and now I’m officially allowed to talk about it. I’m thrilled on two levels. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of a storyline that is so relevant like this storyline, which is underrepresented in daytime and I think in TV in general. It is a story that needs to be told. It is very powerful and I’m super honored to be a part of that,” the actor stated. “On a personal level it creates a creative challenge. As an actor, I couldn’t be happier with the stuff that I’ve been given and the writing for me just because I get to stretch. I get to grow. I get to really sink my teeth into something.”

In recent months, some of the most shocking headlines in newspapers and television news programming have surrounded teenagers committing suicide because they could no longer handle the pressure and taunting from peers who had constantly teased them and in some cases threatened their lives all because they happened to be different. With soap operas always known as being the most current form of scripted programming when it comes to social issues would it be too much of a stretch to expect “Days of our Lives” to deal with the the issue head on? “It is such a real and tragic issue in the world today. Personally, I would love for them to address that. The wonderful thing about today is there are so many programs like the Trevor Project and It Get’s Better, …all those programs that are reaching out to those kids who aren’t comfortable with who they are or maybe they are and other people aren’t comfortable or are imposing their hate on them. I think it is terrible. Life is too short for that kind of nonsense,” said Massey. “I personally would love it if they go in that direction. It’s so powerful and such a real problem today that if ‘DAYS’ can do that and do it really well and powerfully it could help people. In the end that’s what we want to do. We want to move people.”

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  • “I get to really sink my teeth into something”….

    Yes, hopefully Sonny’s d…..nevermind!

  • Brian Tripp

    Chandler is so awesome. I met him at Day of Days this past weekend. He is excited about this new story and I think it will be well done.

  • Anonymous

    I am a gay Day’s fan and I applaud the writers and actors for this storyline. I hope it wins GLAAD awards, Daytime Emmy’s and more!


    • Constance Stone

      maybe it will open peoples minds… so they won’t be quite so “sickened” like this poor lady… I wonder what she would do if she popped out a gay son or daughter… would she be sickened? or would you love them? would you kick them out on the street because they were gay? Or let them know that you love them no matter who they are and that you would be there for them no matter what?  Soaps have always dealt with topical issues about life, and its about time this issue come to light…  so instead of you Shaming DOOL for their storyline, maybe you should hang ur head in shame because you would probably be one to disown your child… just judging by ur sickening shameful content… GOD loves everyone, Gay Straight Bi transgendered, and if you were a good Christian… you would know that it is God’s place to judge…  Days of Our Lives has always been about families, and what families go through… and many face this very issue… will you handle it with compassion and understanding? Or be negative and judgemental? Balls in your court…

      • Joanneltringham

        sorry about my comment

  • Coll1770

    Chandler has really made me love will.  I love the way he fought his feelings.  I loved/hated that he was tortured from the inside out. I love that he has turned into a strong man.  I love that he is concerned about others that this will effect.  He has done an amazing job!!!  It is great to see Days taking on a real story. I hope to see more of that.  I have never seen a gay storyline where it was played out this way and so real.  His pain and confusion was heartbreaking.  It showed a struggle from within that made you think.  Great job Chandler and Days.  Take more chances!!!

  • please remove my comments from this site