‘The Chew’ Continues to Erode Viewers from ABC Daytime Lineup

Disney/ABC Television Group

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ratings for the week of October 3-7, 2011 have not come out for soap operas as of this writing, but for “” are! The talk show that replaced “” in the ABC Daytime lineup is now down to an average of just 1.78 million viewers tuning in for cooking advice according to of TV Media Insights.

For the week of October 3-7, 2011, “The Chew” is down a whopping 322,000 viewers from its already dismal debut week (week of September 26-30, 2011) and an even steeper decline of 650,000 viewers from what “All My Children” had during the comparable week last year.

TV Media Insights:

Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings results from Nielsen Media Research, new ABC daytime talker The Chew dipped from its already lackluster opening week ratings.  The Chew averaged 1.78 million viewers for the week of Oct. 3, which was down by 322,000 viewers (or 15 percent) from the 2.10 million it delivered for the week of Sept. 26.  Demo losses were 20 percent in women 25-54 (1.0 to 0.8 rating), 14 percent in women 18-49 (0.7 to 0.6) and 20 percent among women 18-34 (0.5 to 0.4).

Check back soon as Soap Opera Network will be posting a full ratings analysis on “The Chewand its performance compared to “All My Children” and the rest of daytime.

  • Maybe ABC should take this as a lesson. 🙂

  • This couldn’t make me happier. Screw The Chew

  • LOL, fantastic news… “Chew” on that ABC and choke!!!

  • The Chew? You mean the snooze. 

  • Food. Life. Fun?
    Fools. Lies. Flop.

  • Nancy Wizner

    Now what a shame, isn’t it?  NOT!  We told ABC ~ they didn’t listen!  AMC had plenty more viewers.  Had much better ratings!  Big mistake ABC!

  • Bad enough Daphne Oz’s hair repeatedly is dragged across plates of food that the other hosts are eating, but this week I saw Carla Hll pick something off of Mario Batali’s face and part of it fell into the plate of food he was holding [and then ate from] – EEEEWWWW!!!! … I’ve also noticed that there’s no product placement for anything like Purell and/or Lysol Kitchen Wipes [to clean countertops/chopping blocks – ESSENTIAL if you’re working with chicken, given the salmonella risk factor(s)] … Wha’happened here??? …

  • ABC needs to re-do the daytime schedule, cancel the view and put 2 half hour game shows it:

    11am est/10 cst – One Life To Live
    12pm est/11 cst – All My Children
    2pm est/ 1cst – Family Feud – Daytime (Steve Harvey)
    2:30pm est/1:30 cst – $1,000,000 Pyramid
    3pm est/2 cst – General Hospital

    • Tryl, you are a  genius. I totally agree with your statement. ABC should promote these shows like they did  the Chew, Pan Am, and Charlie Angels than the ratings will be sky high. If not, more shows on ABC will probably suffer and be cancelled.

      •  Charlie’s Angels was just cancelled. I don’t think ABC is very happy in general these days.

  • The chew is a horrible show!  Not only are there ratings down but they also lost alot of viewers from ABC

  • Brainless Frons can chew on these ratings and choke.

  • Just wanted to add that “The Talk” did better in its first week than “The Chew”. Gee, I wonder why there was no press release about that?
     Memo to ABC: Fire Sweeney and Frons, and make a deal with Prospect Park to put the soaps back on your network. Then promote them, for goodness sake! But don’t interfere with the production in any way. Then sit back and watch ABC become the #1 network. Yes, it really is just that simple.

  • Debbie Vanhoozen

    GOOD, Serves ABC right for thinking they know it all. I hope they lose lots of money, since the bottom line is all they care about. 

  • has anyone else noticed in the spew commercials, all the cooked meat looks raw? ew, just sayin, LOL!  I don’t see that show lasting very long, I don’t care if the cost to produce is 40% cheaper than the soaps, won’t matter if nobody is watching. 

  • this is too awesome for words!

  • I wonder what Mr. Frons is thinking now?

    • Hopefully just thinking about hanging himself and doing all of us a favor for once!

    • Debbie Vanhoozen

      Even if Mr Frons gets the ax he probably has a  big pay off for getting let go. He’ll be just fine while the fans of soaps are left holding his empty bag. I think people that screw up other peoples lives shouldn’t be rewarded for doing so. He needs to be in the unemployment line.

  • How long before The Chew is pulled by the affiliates? Their dragging not only OLTL and GH down but the local newscasts too and when you start dragging down the local newscasts your in TROUBLE!

  • Unfortunately the brains at ABC have taken our jibe at their new show seriously. They actually are thinking of a new replacement show called “The Poo”.  This will be a show with a table of experts concerning the bowel movement. They already have research backing up the fact that women from 18-49 want a show all about fecal matter. They are so excited about this concept, they are considering changing the name American Broadcasting to the Ass Butt Corporation. 

  • Janice Barclay

    The sorry reality is that Sweeney and Frons will keep their jobs because they have 5 scapegoats to take the fall for them when this fails.

  • That’s why abc shows are failing , because The ALL MY CHILDREN FANS ARE NOT WATCHING!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thats because watching shows on the internet is the new thing. What ABC doesn’t realize is that internet tv allows the viewer to watch their shows at any time. If they AMC to the onlinenetwork it will do far better than the Chew

  • Abc nobody watching ABC

  • We will not watch anything ABC has to offer UNTIL they put back ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE ….

  • Yay!  Let the Chew choke.  Imagine thinking this show would fare better than All My Children. 

  • I do not like talk show, I do not like food show, I do not like reality show, I do not like ABC without my soaps….

  • Did they just move “The Chew” to 12PM? That was according to SoapNet. This could be good for “OLTL” because local news is probably a better lead-in than the show nobody wants. ABC had no clue what they were doing. If the ratings go back up for their two remaining soaps after the time change, I think “The Chew” will be cancelled. If they’re actually trying to get “The Chew” more viewers, I think they’re pretty delusional.

    • I doubt it, considering its been on at 12pm here, but that’s because I’m in the central time zone.

      • Oh, I think you’re right. I think they ran the wrong promo. On the East Coast, it’s on at 1PM. I think “The Chew” might actually do slightly better if it followed “The View”, but I don’t think it will last much longer. I’m sure it’s still hurting everything after it. I want this show to fail so badly!

  • boycott abc and frohns until they put all my children and one life to live back on the schedule. everyone send angry emails to abc and disney and then boycott all abc shows

  • i”ve stopped watching abc because they cancelled my soaps.  I tape oltl and gh on soapnet.  as for abc’s other shows i refuse to watch them or the abc affliate here in boston.  i refuse to even watch their morning shows and the local shows because of all this.  my family thinks i’m nuts.

  • ABC will never put AMC or OLTL on once they are gone.  It is sad but true.  Brian Frons is a complete idiot and should not be running daytime television or any thing else for that matter.  I wouldn’t want to put him running a garbage business.  It would probably go out of business with him running it.

    • I so agree that Brian Frons is a complete idiot. When is he going to get fired? He is bring General Hospital down with that idiotic show “The Chew”. Soon GH will be joining the other 2 ABC soaps to the internet.

  • ABC nedds to fire that idiot!!! nothing good on tv anymore, so sick of reality tv!!! no soaps no abc in this house. i have been boycotting since april!!!

  • I watched a mere 2 minutes of The Chew since it came on the air in Sept, and felt like they’re treating me as if I was too much of an idiot to know what’s good for me.  Frons should be fired for putting on such a show that only insults the viewers.  

  • Anonymous

    The Chew doesn’t need to “bite” nearly as many viewers as All My Children to do the network any good – it takes far fewer people – no stars – and production costs to “spit” out The Chew.  This is the sad state of TV where the viewer is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, The Chew doesn’t have to draw the numbers All My Children did to benefit the network – it costs much less to “spit” out The Chew in production costs and star power.  That is the state of TV today, where the viewer is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

      First of all, I have boycotted ABC and even took it out of my rotation on my remote!  Second, they say the Chew doesn’t need as many viewers because cost of production is lower, but the sponsors need those viewers!  If I was an ABC sponsor for the Chew, I would realize fewer people are seeing my ads and cut my losses and get out. Hoover did early on.  Unless ABC is selling those spots at at a much reduced rate, the sponsors are making fools of themselves staying with a sinking ship. 

  • I won’t watch any of ABC’s show as they also want to get rid of GH.

  • I never watch ABC during the day anymore.  I only watch 3 of their night time shows.  What a big mistake they made cancelling All My Children.  I was a loyal viewer for 30 years.

  • (5:30-7:00am) Local News
    (7:00am-9:00am) GMA
    (9:00am-10:00am) Anderson Cooper
    (10:00am-11:00am) Nate Berkas
    (11:00am-12:00pm) The View
    (12:00pm-1:00pm) Local News
    (1:00pm-2:00pm) The Chew

    How much “TALKED AT” can someone take ?? TALK Is CHEAP–and ABC is ‘banking’ on that !! Sometimes we need to ‘escape’ the daily Depressing NEGATIVES of Too Much Information THROWN @ Us. Escape–much like reading a book… or listening to an audio book as we go about our day.

    ABC canned AMC based on the “viewing habits” of the 18-44 set. The age when most are students, working, or soccer moms. When in reality… the 45+ tend to be more financially secure, which should appeal to the Advertisers !! The Chew is hard to Swallow…and harder to Stomach !! Ms. Oz is a bit too arrogant… Carla is bizarre…. the ‘dude’ with the ponytail needs a bar of soap…. the other 2 are the only ones I can stand.

    ~~Did ABC not “know” that there are ALREADY a few CHANNELS devoted to nothing BUT food ???~~

    On a “Positive”— ABC’s “dumb move” has opened a new horizon for me, and many others.  THERE ARE OTHER CHANNELS OUT THERE !! I have a TV in the waiting room of my office–when The Chew came on… there was NOT a single Positive uttered… and a request was made to switch to Days of Our Lives (NBC) !!
    “Ya get what ya pay for” ABC !!  You wanted CHEAP—you Got IT !!

  • The thing to do is watch the entire Chew episode and write down the names of all the sponsors. Then send them all an email to they’re corporate offices vowing to never buy they’re products because they support this silly show. I was a long time fan of AMC and refuse to watch anything on ABC since they cancelled.

    • Anonymous

      You are not alone.  I watched the very first episode of All My Children and nearly every other one.  Missed one in 1983 when I was having a baby, and things like that over the years.  I watched ABC constantly every day.  ABC has been deleted from the stations so when you change stations at my house, the remote won’t even stop on an ABC, soap net or disney channel.  ABC if you want me back, put All My Children back on.

  • the show and the people look dirty.

  • I was an ABC viewer from GMA to the 11pm news, with some side trips to MSNBC . Then Disney went and proved a hunch I had that they were very cheap. AMC, OLTL, General Hospital were the daytime viewing staples in my house.  Working or not i watched for over 30 years. Now the T.V. goes to cable after the noon news the back to ABC at 3pm for General Hospital. The CHew is drivel and it I were Barbara Walters I would sue over the title. And the new one coming on in January is as dumb and as stupid as the Chew. The cable channels are filled with food talk and clothing shows. Bring back our soaps. It won’t happen because the Disney folks are CHEAP. I know, because I saw  local H.S. put on a show to raise money for their school. The chose a Disney show, Beauty and the Beast and Disney charged them a daily fee plus a fee of $500 for the stupid rose under glass prop.  All I could think of was how much money every one of those families spent on Disney products over the years. Films, CDs vacations to DisneyLand etc. clothing and the list goes on. How dare they charge kids for putting on a show to raise money for school. It was a real eye opener about Disney. Stop and think how much your family put into their coffers over the years. Then let them know what you want to see on your T.V. And it is NOT The Chew.

  • Unbelievable how they have taken the daily tv which brought a little spark into watching tv, into a total blah humdrum  bunch of shows, about food and whatever for the revolution.  I am switching to cable and forgetting ABC and that goes for both day and nighttime tv. 

  • Anonymous

    I am mad as hell.  I am sick and tired of regular TV, every year they add more reality shows, I have enough reality thank you very much.  The soaps gave me the opportunity to escape my mostly screwed up life and go where no one ever did housework, never cooked, most never worked and all had an abundance of money.  There was love, hate, drama, comedy and sadness.  We learned many life lessons from the soaps over the years and I believe they made us more tolerant in many many ways.  Since the 1970’s I would turn on ABC at noon and generally did not change the station until maybe the evening hours.  When I worked during the day, pre-VCR days, I had a TV radio just so I could listen to my soaps.  Now I avoid ABC like the plague and will continue to do so until they get their heads out of their asses and listen to the viewers again.  When did we become so unimportant? 

  • Get The Chew off the air ABC!!!  Put it where it belongs…on The Food Network.  You think your Chew and The Revolution can go against the people of Landview? What a joke…the Buchanans can “chew” you up and spit you out!  Take that to the bank!

  • Please Move The ABC Daytime Lineup Look Like in Fall 2012
    10am General Hospital
    11am The Chew
    Noon Local News
    1pm The View
    2pm Steve Harvey

  • I’m still boycotting ABC, except for General Hospital….

  • Carla, coughs in her hands, and still handles the food! do they not have any cleans habits, as far as cooking and handling food, playing with their hair, etc!

  • Mamawsnpapaws1

    It not too late for ABC to correct it BIG mistake. We will take All My Children back even with a whole new cast change. Its the story that we like Of course we loved the actors and would love to see them all return but we loved our stories. Come on ABC

  • alreadytherex

    I would and will watch anything on any other channel untl GH comes on at 3 then for that 1 hour each weekday I watch that network and then it no longer is on any TV in my house! EVER

  • Ladlelady

    I was really trying to get used to The Chew, should have been named The Pew! Today Mario told a quest, actress from GH, that soap fans were not ready for The Chew when it first replaced AMC. but that we were accepting them now and they were a part of our daytime viewing. Talk about rubbing our noses in it, adding insult to injury, however its put, he sure had no class or respect for veiwers to say that on the air. The Chew/Pew will never make up for the loss of AMC, nor will The Revolution ever replace OLTL to viewers who have watched and loved our shows for so many years. That smug Mario really put his foot in his mouth with that remark. He shouldnt bother cooking food, he could just “Chew” on shoe leather !! He sure made this veiwer dislike him and his self serving pat on his own back even more. He is very high up on my Ick Metor! The heck with you and your show Mario! Most veiwers would much rather enjoy our daytime drama with cast and characters we loved, not watch you cook and smugly brag about yourself and taking the timeslot of a long standing and respected show that was a proud part of daytime TV.

  • 9094gg

    Honestly this show sucks. But it’s right in there with all the boring reality/talk shows during daytime.