‘The Chew’ Attracts Largest Audience Since Premiere, But Remains Below ‘All My Children’

Crag Sjodin/ABC

( — As in previous weeks, ratings for soaps are unavailable at press time but the numbers are out for talk shows including “,” “” and “.”

Per at TV Media Insights, ABC’s “The Chew” has reached its largest audiences since premiere week (week of September 26-30, 2011) in viewers while remaining flat in Women 25-54, Women 18-49 and Women 18-34 compared to its post premiere week averages.

Ratings for recently introduced ABC daytime talk show The Chew remained consistent from one week earlier, still trailing former occupant by noticeable proportions.  Based on the Live Plus Same Day data from Nielsen Media Research for the week of Oct. 17 (week four), The Chew averaged 1.94 million viewers, with no change demographically.  One year earlier, long-running scripted serial averaged 2.31 million viewers, with the demographic breakdown compared to The Chew as follows:

All My Children (ABC) – Week of 10/18/10
Viewers: 2.31 million, Women 25-54: 1.2/ 8, Women 18-49: 0.8/ 6,
Women 18-34: 0.5/ 3

The Chew (ABC) – Week of 10/17/11
Viewers: 1.94 million, Women 25-54: 0.9/ 5, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 4,
Women 18-34: 0.4/ 2

All My Children Advantage
Viewers: + 19 percent, Women 25-54: +33, Women 18-49: +33,
Women 18-34: +25

The Chew, of course, is cheaper to produce than All My Children, hence the programming change.  But sometimes the value of the audience is more important than the raw dollar figures, and the pending departure of for another talker, The Revolution, is also not likely to resonate in a daypart gutted with similar appeal programming.

For more on “The Chew” and how it compares to “The Talk” and “The View,” head on over to TV Media Insights.

  • Who the hell is watching this show? If the target audience isn’t watching, I don’t understand the numbers.

  • Peter Radcliff

    The Chew is up because when people tune into One Life to Live, The Chew is overlapping into its time slot, which ABC is counting as watching the show in its ratings.  It’s a cheap trick and OLTL viewers are onto it.

    • You are right I turn it on  at 203 so I knw OLTL gets the rating

  • The value of an audience means nothing to ABC so they can cut costs all they like until they cut themselves right out of a network.

  • I think the Chew is the worse cooking show EVER on TV. First time I saw (5 mins. ) I thought it was a joke. The guys (well all except one??) look like they just came in off the range or at best, just changed a tire. And I wonder…how many hairs has this ditzy blond cooked up with that long stringy hair flying all around and the other ‘cook’? I’ll swear, I thought she was made up for Halloween. They may have some good recipes but who could stand to watch them sticking their fingers in the food, licking their fingers and just altogether making a sloppy mess. I wouldn’t eat anything any of them cooked. I have them on the last couple minutes (so not to miss any of OLTL)  but I wouldn’t wast my time, otherwise. I have heard a lot of others opinions and we all wonder where the heck did they come up with this show?? I hope it is replaced soon.  

  • ABC insulted its bread and butter the dAYtime audience. Fair is fair cancel the spew because the ratings are lower than AMC, And the revolution has the same fate when will ABC get it. GH fans still have a year so when that goes ABC will have nobody watching hahahahahaha, Karma is a bitch and a daytime fan, lolololol

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to watch The Chew or any other talk show they want to try toreplace the soaps with.  ABC disrespected their loyal daytime viewers and now they will see how important those viewers really are.  Just the ads for The Chew make me sick.  Those are the ugliest people I’ve ever seen on daytime TV.  Give me the beautiful women and hunky men on OLTL and AMC!

  • Totally agree with the comment about the rude finger licking and gross people who are just not sanitary when they are cooking.  It is totally not a good cooking show.  I was so turned off by the blond blowing on cookies.  I hate anyone touching my food let alone blowing on it.  I too have watched the last few minutes and it is not a good show.  Cancel time ABC.  I am not watching Revolution either!  

  • These people gross me out with the finger licking but nastiest is the skinny brunette straight out of Salem.  She looks like a witch ready for Halloween.  Can’t believe they expect people to want to watch HER. I love Mario, Michael and Daphne is OK.  Replace the witch, she gives off an uncomfortable phony feeling.  

  •  I agree  Carla has got to go and go fast I am not going to watch any longer if she remains -she grosses me out she does look like a witch and her language doink, doink, doink   she is not in her Aunt Esthe’rs  house she is on TV   and she says  I am going in and  girl and I am just sayin and that is what I am talkin about just sayin  and and on and on are not for sophisticated audiances which I believe the Chew is hoping to attract.  I was hoping she would become  classier as time went on but ironically she is bringing Daphne and Michael down to her level they are incorporating her ridiculoud language into their joyfulness I am getting sicker by the moment. HELP!! I want to keep being a fan but she has to go fast aand get a great cook and classy, fun woman as a replacemnt who does not act like a clown and make those riciculous faces she is not a nice person either I was mortified the way she treated her mother— she has to go please. She may sue but you can handle it show her the remarkd you have recieved and they are numerous complaining about her on the Hufington post also.

    Also I want to see healhier eating habits on the program it is grossing me out the finger licking ugh!!a nd all eating from each others forks and bowls not proper and what if one of them has a disease JUST SAYIN!!!!!!!

  • Isnt this funny, as I read the ratings and see that ABC alienated what looks like its biggest audience 25 to 49 yr old women is in the dumper. Did we all not express to ABC that they are gonna suffer. So now I beleive they wont cancell The Spew out of principal, I f you like it I love it ABC as you have already begun too notice you have lost the war and for future references ABC sell us the best crap u got unless its AMC OR OLTL IT WILL ALWAYS BE A BOTTOM FEEDER

  • Bring back my SOAPS!!!! i wont watch this garbage!!!! I WANT SCRIPTED DRAMA!!!! I WANT TO FEEL…I WANT TO LAUGH… I WANT TO CRY… I WANT TO WATCH ONE LIFE AND ALL MY CHILDREN!!! Once #OLTL is gone…so is abc from my home!!!! ABC YOU SUCK!!!!

  • I have noticed that when I go to watch my recorded OLTL the chew is slipping in on its last minute.Going to fix that now.But just wait until OLTL is no more,then the ratings for the veiw,chew,and abc will drop drastically.I am so disgusted with abc that Television in it’s whole has turned me off with daytime tv.I think I will be reading more and listening to the radio……………..I so miss AMC that I have already started to take that time and read, have not been able to find anything worth watching on any network that can compare with that loss.So I can imagine that I will continue to read after OLTL is gone.I have been a dedicated fan for so long that this is a nitemare come true..This was my time to relax,kick back and enjoy my soaps.They at abc will not force their ignorant shows on me.  Yours truely, soon to be long gone viewer of abc.Pam

    • Yes the sneaky rats at ABC/Disney are getting some of those ratings numbers by slipping into the first minute of OLTL.  I am mad and I want my AMC and OLTL back and I want to see GH given some fair treatment in the writing dept.  I will NEVER watch the garbage they are attempting to replace our beloved soaps with. 

  • Saw a few minutes of The Chew and was not impressed…. The Chew and The Revloution will never have a place in the heart of viewers nor will they have the loyalty.

    Viva la AMC and OLTL

  • debraeel

    take it off…. Take it off….. TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!