Smith Talks About Her ‘Life’ After ABC

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — With nine of her co-stars already signed on to continue with “” when it moves to online production with Prospect Park early next year, fans have been wondering if (Nora) might follow suit. However, the “One Life” vet notes that “things are up in the air” regarding her future with the soap.

In a new interview with TheaterMania, Smith, who will be appearing on stage in ‘s “” beginning Thursday, October 6, talks about the show and teases about what is coming up for Bo and Nora.

“I can say that Nora and Bo (played by ) will be leaving together when we stop taping on ABC, and that makes me very happy. As for the online venture, I am very excited that the show’s fans will have another venue, and I am sorry for ABC that they made this decision. But I don’t know what’s in store for me after Thanksgiving, when I stop shooting ‘One Life.’ Things are up in the air.”

As for what is next for Smith, the actress laments that “I am continuing to work on this Internet series, ‘,’ which shoots in Los Angeles. I would love to do more stage work. And I have to admit it’s both liberating and scary not to know what’s next. Like a lot of actors, I actually love change and love reinventing myself.”

Click here to read the full interview, including Smith’s thoughts on how the character of Nora has changed since she joined the show in 1992.

  • My2Cents

    Bo can’t leave. He simply can not.

  • These are actors and human beings.  What roles they play are their decision.  It would be great to see both Hillary and Robert continue with One Life,. but if not.  I wish them the best.  Hillary is a soap vet.  She played Margo on ATWT for yrs before One Life.  Maybe she’s tired of soaps and want to move on.  I support her decision about her career. 

    • My2Cents

      I agree with your post. I was so surprised to hear that ES had decided to stay on.
      However I just can’t imagine OLTL without Bo. So i am keeping my fingers crossed.
      The new Mayor….(where have I seen her before?) looks like she could get comfie with Bo

      • The new mayor is played by Wendy Moniz Grillo who used to play Dinah Marler on GL and is married to Frank Grillo, who used to play Hart on GL.

  • My2Cents2

    Thanks Vitina…..she also (where I knew her from) played on a primetime series years ago.