One Life to Live: October PreVUE

Disney/ABC Television Group

( — A quick peek into what’s happening in Llanview this October.


Kim’s friend awakens from her coma and encounters a familiar face.

Bo’s job is on the line after he and Mayor Finn mince words.

Téa tries to cut a deal with Bo regarding Todd, but will Nora stand in the way?

Shane threatens Jack, but will he succeed in getting an admission of guilt?

Victor’s murderer is finally revealed. But just who pulled the trigger?

Viki is forced to play referee for a bickering Tina and Todd.

  • My2Cents

    I am curious about this Mayor. Where have I seen her before?
    Could she be the ending to Bo & Nora, or the beginning to Bo??

    • Anonymous

      The mayor is being played by Wendy Moniz, who originated the role of Dinah Marler on “Guiding Light” and had a recurring role on “Damages”. Scotty, are we also ever going to find out what happened at the Spotted Pony with Kim and Cutter this month, or do we have to wait until november sweeps or later for that before the show airs its final episodes in January?

      • My2Cents

        THANK YOU!!!! It was drivng me NUTZ!!
        I just looked her up, and she played a role in a series years ago called “the guardian’.
        That is why she looked familiar…….AGAIN…Thanks!

  • Also on Mayor Finn, she had a brief sort of date-thing-deal with Bo before he ended up with Nora again. And she has made varying appearances as well. 

    • My2Cents

      Your right. I forgot about that!!!