OLTL Recap: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Blair finds Todd in Viki’s cabin in desperate need of medical attention. He refuses to allow her to call a doctor.

Téa tries to get Tomas to admit that he didn’t shoot Irene. Natalie arrives and tells them the blood evidence is being analyzed and suspects Tomas’ story won’t hold up. John tries to get Tomas to tell the truth about what happened on the docks. Natalie gets the results for the test run on the blood. The cops give Tomas one more chance to change his story but Tomas refuses, and they throw him in jail.

Starr tells James her plan for him to help clear her father. After James goes, Starr is worried about Todd and tries to get the guard to find out if there’s any news. John goes to Dorian’s to see if he can find out any clue to Todd’s whereabouts.

Jessica almost tells Brody what she discovered from the paternity test. They have a slightly conciliatory moment. Natalie returns and Brody expresses optimism that soon the troubles between them and Jessica will be over, and everything will be perfect in their family.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Todd’s condition takes a turn for the worse.
  • Jessica shows Ford the paternity test results.
  • Will Tina and Cord’s fight in a kiss?

  • My2Cents

    I don’t think Jack is such a bad actor..he is a punk, so he comes across bad. I kinda have ‘fun’ watching him though!! And Sam, OMG could you have eaten him up when Jack sent him to bed and he said he was ‘still on duty’?? PRICELESS.

    I forced myself to watch Natalie only because Jessie was around. There is nothing about her character I enjoy watching. However, I realize she is liked by many, so I won’t BASH her. But ohhhh I could!!!! The fact she is going to PP with Jaaaawwwwwnnn makes me ill. I was hoping they wouldn’t bring her on.

    I want to say that Blair was never a favorite of mine. I didn’t hate her like I do Natalie, but she didn’t do much for me. I thought yesterday, with her working opposite Roger was simply ‘magical’. Together, they work off one another brilliantly. Sorry, but I can’t see Kassie with anyone but Roger going forward. He brings out the best talent in her. LOVED all their scenes yesterday. Nice touch getting Dorian on the phone as well.

    Still no clue who killed Victor/Todd. Hopefully we find out soon, before we forget about Victor!!