OLTL Recap: Monday, October 10, 2011

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Téa enters on Blair and Todd about to kiss. Téa tells Blair that Tomas pled guilty and that Starr didn’t get bailed out. Todd wonders if he should turn himself in. Téa gets emotional, remembers being with Victor last time she was at the cabin. Her telling Todd about how possessive Victor was with his kids brings up the Jack/Gigi situation. Suddenly she realizes there was someone else who wanted to kill Victor as much as Todd did.

Starr presses Jack to admit he was lying about Todd’s guilt. Blair comes in and apologizes to Tomas for sending him after Todd. Tomas evades, tells Blair to concentrate on helping Starr. Blair urges Tomas to change his guilty plea and leaves. Jack goes to Victor’s grave and Delphina sees him, noting that he’s got a guilty conscience about something. Blair arrives.

Kim tells her friend that she has to shake down Roxy and Echo to get Clint’s money back. Echo tells Roxy not to worry because the police think Todd murdered Victor. Kim walks in on them. She tells them she’s turning in the gun, they’re out of time. Rex goes to the cemetery to talk to Gigi about what the “Don’t give up” note means. Delphina shows up and Rex asks her to talk to Gigi to explain the note. Rex pleads with Delphina to send him back in time to before Gigi died so he can keep her from dying. In Kentucky, Kim talks to her friend in the hospital and there is a shocking revelation.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Shane remembers the night of Victor’s murder.
  • Téa orders Bo to question Rex.
  • Aubrey tells Cutter they’re through.

  • My2Cents2

    haha..we caught Roxie drinking the ‘kool-aid’ yesterday.
    Anyone else see
    LOVE those scenes with Echo & Roxie.
    Really, Echo is smart
    enough to draw up papers turning everything over to Kimmie?? OY

    I LOVE Todd. I LOVED Victor. Either way, OLTL will never be OLTL
    without one or both of these men. (did you hear that PP?)
    OK..Jack. I get it.
    You consider Victor your father. That is cool.
    But don’t lie about Todd’s
    involvement in a murder. Not cool.

    WOW, who was shocked that Gigi was in
    that bed?? Really, haven’t we known that outcome all along? Silly. Since I am no
    fan of Farah, I can’t get excited about her return. Sorry..Gigi

    I will tell you who I think killed Victor. And NOBODY anywhere
    thought of this.
    The kid who is sitting in jail. His father. HIs father
    killed Todd.

    LOVE this show. I am even buying a laptop before
    January because I amd determine to follow in on line.