George De Soto/JPI
George De Soto/JPI

( — “” Episode Recap – Friday, October 14, 2011.


Téa lies to Dani about her whereabouts. She wonders if the cops are investigating Rex as Victor’s murderer but Téa doesn’t know; only that Starr caught Jack in a lie.

Meanwhile Blair is with Bo, having heard from Jack that Shane pulled a gun on him. Todd decides it’s time to turn himself in, and Téa agrees. They have emotional scenes about her need for justice for Victor.

Meanwhile Blair wants Bo to press charges on Shane. Téa comes to Bo and says Todd will turn himself in. But they’re going to need something in return.

Dani is skipping school and lies to her mother. She’s leaving then house when she runs into Nate and shares with him how worried she is re Starr. Nate again apologizes to Dani for his porn endeavor.

Rama has arranged to meet Cutter at the Spotted Pony and threatens to have him arrested. Kim goes to work and finds Rama waiting for her.

Echo is about to tell Rex she forged his signature but Shane interrupts. Rex and Shane have emotional scenes in which Rex questions why Shane never told Rex what he did to Jack, and that he thought Rex had killed Victor. They resolve not to keep things from each other, and to stop chasing a ghost.

And the person in the hospital bed wakes up.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Victor’s murderer is revealed.
  • Shaun has news for John.
  • John wants to test Brody’s gun.
  • My2Cents2

    Let me get this straight.
    Dani has no problem staying alone in the house that her father (as she knows him) was killed in??
    With the killer still out there??
    Call me an idiot, but I am still not convinced the killer is Brody.

    Gigi wakes up. NOT Stacey. So this silly silly story will what?? End?? Rex & Shane & Gigi live happily ever after??
    How can’t you not enjoy watching Echo?? She is pure talent and entertainment. Still, once Rex finds out that Gigi is alive, money & the mansion will mean nothing to him.
    So as we know it right now, Rex, Echo, Roxie, Shane & Gigi are almost done with the show??
    I have to tell you, I am not a fan of Farah at all.
    However, can OLTL survive and thrive without Bo, Rex, Echo & Roxi?

    Anyone know where OLTL (PP) is located?? In NY or CA??