My View of Llanview: October 15 Edition

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( — “” parodies “Look Who’s Talking,” but does it mean the end of Llanview as we know it?

In the October 7 episode of “One Life to Live” a dog and a baby were shown communicating with one another in adult voices. In the scenes, doggie David Vickers “told” little Liam that John McBain was really his father and not Brody Lovett, as nearly everyone in town currently believes.

And, while the scenes campy and somewhat amusing, some “One Life” fans have already taken to Internet message boards vilifying the show and claiming that it was finally the moment that the show “jumped the shark.” Various comments have ranged from embarrassment to disgust to threats of never watching the soap again are becoming increasingly common.

After reading and following the rather bizarre uproar and flack over a couple of scenes from just one episode of “OLTL,” it confirms my hypothesis that soap operas are a lot like politics. Every election year many voters seem to develop selective amnesia when deciding which candidate or party deserves their vote, seemingly forgetting why they were voted off of office in the last election.

Much the same can be said for soap operas. If “OLTL” fans think that a baby and talk “talking” to one another is bad, then how would those same fans react to some of the show’s more outrageous storylines from the past 40 years? Did “One Life” not “jump the shark” with the secret underground city of Eterna, or Viki going to heaven not once, but twice? Or what about the time travel plot from the 1980’s when Clint went back in time to the Old West, or three years ago when Bo and Rex were transported back to 1968, but yet were still able to communicate with the present day by using a cell phone? And what about Viki conveniently forgetting about the births of two of her children, including a daughter whose twin was conceived by a different father?

If that’s not enough to convince you, then what about when Victor Lord returned from the dead nearly three decades after one of his daughter’s alternate personalities supposedly killed him, to claim his granddaughter’s heart? Don’t forget Margaret Cochran’s 12 month pregnancy. Or, more recently, with the Stacy “back from the dead with plastic surgery to make her look like her sister Gigi” storyline, or how Todd’s mother was able to fake her own death, control a government facility in Louisiana, brainwash one son into thinking he was someone else, and hold her other son prisoner for eight years while torturing him on a daily basis?

And let’s not forget how the writers made a point of reminding viewers that Téa and Todd had sex on the tropical island in 2002, when she returned to town in 2009 with a suddenly teenaged daughter which he was the father of? Or how Jack Manning aged at least six years in less than a month? And don’t forget how Marty and Patrick’s 16-year-old son Cole returned to Llanview in 2006, when he really should have been their 8-year-old daughter, based on Marty and Patrick’s exit storyline from 1997?

I realize that all soaps occasionally age characters to fit storyline purposes, however they, along with the other examples I listed above, showcase only a few of the times from over the years when the show actually did “jump the shark.” Many of those storylines were a lot more outrageous then a couple of scenes involving a dog and a baby communicating with one another. Heck, it isn’t even the first time an animal (either alive or dead) has “talked” on this show. Back in the 1990’s, Todd’s parrot Moose chatted with him on a regular basis. And in 2009, Morris the Stuffed Porcupine was heard talking to viewers. So why should doggie David Vickers and baby Liam conversing with one another cause such an uproar, be so difficult to deal with, and insult viewer intelligence any more so than any of the other storylines over the years have?

My point is that, while the scenes may have been a little embarrassing for some fans, it is by far not the worst thing “OLTL” has ever done. It was just some harmless fun on the show’s part and was largely just cute and amusing. No real harm done. It’s not the end of the world….’Life’ will go on….

Moving on, congratulations to “CBRVA83” and “Mary,” both of whom correctly guessed the answers to the trivia questions from the previous column. In case you missed the clues, here there are again with the answers: 1. (Blair) appeared on what game show before joining “OLTL” and who was the daytime celebrity (and future co-star) was she paired up with? Answer: “,” . 2. What two wars did the late (Asa) serve in? Answer: World War II and the Korean War. 3. What is ‘s (Rex) real last name? Answer: Seponski.

Now it’s time to shake things up a bit and do some more trivia. 1. What was the name of the episode of “” that (Richard Evans) appeared on, and what character did he play? 2. What legendary television star does (Natalie) consider to be her role model? 3. What U.S. city does (Téa) say that she wouldn’t like to live in? I’ll have the answers in the October 30 edition of My View of Llanview.

Now, before I wrap up this column, I’m going to look into my crystal ball and give you a quick sneak peek at a few things coming up a few weeks down the road. A former couple remembers the good old days. A child makes a troubling discovery about their parent. Two old flames find themselves in a compromising position. And one family is ordered to appear in court.

Well that’s concludes yet another column. Have a great week everyone! Stay safe and warm wherever you are!

Take care, and until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live”…

  • Anonymous

    Answers to this week’s OLTL trivia quizes are…1. Frankie Faison played a detective on a episode of “Kate and Allie” which was titled “The Bad Seed” 2. Melissa Archer considers Lucille Ball to be her acting idol. 3. Sorry, don’t know the answer to the third one!

  • Here are my answers to your trivia: 

    1.  Frankie Faison played a detective
    on a 1985 “Kate and Allie” episode titled “The Bad Seed.”

    2.  Melissa Archer considers Lucille
    Ball to be her idol.

    3.  I found a quote where Florencia
    Lozano said she would work but not live in California. That’s not a
    U.S. city. Using deductive reasoning, I’ll give Los Angeles as my
    final answer.

    I swear I didn’t copy CBRVA83’s answers. 

  • My2Cents2

    Nice article. I agree. How could anyone comment on the baby scene with John after all OLTL has put us through? Perhaps these are newer viewers who never experienced the past OLTL.
    I started watching OLTL the day it debut. I stopped alot of times along the way, the storylines were just too bizarre to take up my time. So the Liam & dog was like a ‘walk in the park’ to us viewers who have seen worse.

    Not sure why, but I am enjoying OLTL these days. Probably because the end is near. Or maybe because out of the 2 soaps I do watch, this one doesn’t FIRE it’s VET players. It is always a joy to see Bo, Vicki, Clint on a regular basis.
    Now we have the great talent of Echo & Roxie which are adorable, and take away the pain of the other storylines.
    How great to see Cordello again!! Even Tina.
    Victor/Todd/Irene storyline was OFF THE WALL. Now, if possible, the Gigi story is even more OFF THE WALL!

    The end is so close you can’t help but want to watch. Also…I am a bit curious how these shows transform into the ‘Second Life to Live’.

  • I, for one, loved the “Look Who’s
    Talking” parody. Princess David Vickers and Liam are cute as can
    be, and I found the scenes to be fun, funny, and clever. I saw it as
    a very creative way to feature these two characters and to fill up
    some time without resorting to tired, stupid flashbacks or characters
    talking out loud to themselves.

    Additionally, these scenes were small
    parts of one episode, not a full-on story or a major part of a story.
    It’s not like Princess David or Liam are going to be the ones to
    make public the news of Liam’s true paternity.

    Now, I have taken issue with some of
    the stories – or at least aspects of them – you mentioned in your
    column. For what it’s worth, Eterna, the underground city, wasn’t
    one of them. I enjoyed that one in all its silly, campy glory.
    Plus, I was a kid then, so. . .

    I loved Clint’s adventures in the Old
    West until Blaze traveled forward in time and Vicki traveled back. I
    was hoping Clint would have been in a coma and that the whole
    adventure could have been written off as a big, elaborate dream. I’m
    not big on unabashedly sci-fi/supernatural stories on soaps (Eterna
    excepted) and prefer they at least offer a realistic, rational,
    semi-reasonable explanation for all the strange goings on.

    This whole Gigi/Stacy story going on
    right now makes me groan. It’s very contrived. Plus, I hated Stacy
    for most of her run on the show and have never had much love for
    Gigi. I could stand her because I like Rex and Shane, and Kim did
    make Stacy tolerable. It didn’t bother me that either of them were

    However, it’s too, too soon to do a
    story so similar to that of Todd and Victor. Tell me. Which story
    am I describing here, Gigi & Stacy or Todd & Victor? A
    person gets plastic surgery to look just like their sibling in order
    to take over said sibling’s life; then that person winds up dead.

    Okay, so the details and circumstances
    of each story are different, but I still say they are too similar. I
    can cut TPTB some slack since they probably had to cram as much story
    into the show as possible after they got canceled by ABC. I willing
    to ride it out to see where it goes. It is an interesting twist if
    Stacy is the one who died and whose heart went to Clint. And I could
    forgive them if they address the sibling stories’ similarities.

    Overall though, I like OltL. There are
    many stories going on, but it is one big show, with each story
    overlapping to various degrees. They play most of the beats of the
    stories and, for the most part, remember and address various
    relationships characters have with each other. They acknowledge and
    use their history. They continue to surprise and delight me with
    their twists and story directions. Plus, it’s a fun, relatively
    smart show with a great sense of humor. They seem to enjoy and have
    fun making it. It’s rarely gets too corny or precious.

    Sure, it’s jumped a number of sharks
    over its 43-year run. But who among us is 100% flawless most every
    weekday? If you can find them, let them cast the first stone.

    • My2Cents2

      You mean I am not the only one who isn’t a fan of Gigi?? (Farah) YIKES She’s back!!!!