Hutchison Brings Gabrielle Back to Llanview


( — Add another name to the list of the caravan of returning stars to “.” shocked fans this week by announcing the soap has asked her to reprise her signature role of Gabrielle Medina.

In a lengthy statement on her official page, Hutchison details her upcoming return to Llanview, stating:

Brace yourselves, I have some wonderful news to share with all of you. I am returning to ‘One Life to Live’ as Gabrielle. I have two shooting dates. Keep in mind, these are not air dates, but shooting dates. The first shoot date is Tuesday, October 25th; the second shoot date is Tuesday November 15th. If you happen to be in New York City {DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OUT AND FLY IN, I’M SERIOUS!} please, by all means, feel free to stop by the ABC Studios and chat. Obviously, for fire safety reasons as well as security reasons, I cannot bring any of you into the studio. But I do take breaks and I will be sure to slip away as much as I can to come out and ‘hang’ with my ‘posse.’ I Have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they have in store for Gabrielle. She is dead but with daytime, who knows? I swear I would tell ALL of you if I knew what was going to happen. I have no script as of yet.

She goes on to add “Also, feel free to contact the people at as well as my dear friend Executive Producer Frank Valenti(ni) if you’d like to see me on the web version of ‘OLTL.’ I’m not certain what the plans are or if the final deal has been sealed… but I WILL BE heading to Los Angeles to shoot a role on the web series, ‘The BAY!’ is ‘visionary’ and I could not be surrounded by a more down to earth, brilliantly talented cast! I cannot wait to start!!!!!!”

Hutchison played Gabrielle from 1987-91 and again from 2001-2004 when the character was killed off in a bathroom by Music Box Killer Dr. Stephen Haver (). A first airdate has not been announced.

  • Bring her back, but let’s kill off TSJ’s character so we don’t have to extend his stay? Seriously…. 

    • Anonymous

      That makes no sense.  She’s coming back for 2 appearances, in which she’ll probably appear as a ghost, in dreams, or in flashbacks,  Second, OLTL had already planned out months and months of plot based on the repercussions to TSJ’s character’s death when TSJ offered to stay on for a short while.  Third, they can bring TSJ’s character back from the dead anytime they want if TSJ wants to come back on a permanent basis; it’s likely they have wrote his death with a specific scenario in mind for that.  (As an example, look at Gigi’s death.  If they really intended to kill Gigi off, they would have had Rex find Gigi barely alive but still talking and then had her die after dramatic goodbye scenes.  But they didn’t do that, because they knew they were going to do this whole plot where Gigi comes back from the dead but thinks she is Stacey for a long time, which I assume will continue until the ABC run is over.  In turn, this  actually keeps Jack as a viable character over the long-term, which he wouldn’t be if he were actually a cold-blooded murderer of a loved character.  But Jack didn’t murder anybody, because Gigi didn’t die, and though Stacey died, Jack had nothing to do with Stacey being there, and who cares that Stacey’s dead anyway.) 

  • I loved Gabrielle she was one of my favorites on one life to live. STOP teasing us fans bringing these people back for a short amount of time just keep one life to live on tv . ABC you can kiss my ass