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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” Episode Recap – Wednesday, October 5, 2011.


Pissed, Carly makes no effort to hide information from Sonny and Michael, to Shawn’s chagrin. Sonny makes a decision. Unhappy with his father’s behavior, Johnny puts Anthony in his place. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Delores question Abby about Michael and the warehouse. Later, Abby tips off Johnny.

Lulu distraught, asks Olivia “do you ever regret Dante became a police officer?” Later, Lulu has a secret and later cries.

Luke tries to spar with Tracy like old times – but a lot has changed since he left.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Michael refuses to give up despite Abby’s pleas.
  • Lucky opens Siobhan’s letter… what will he find?
  • Maxie commemorates BJ’s birthday.
  • My2Cents

    Tracey is really over Luke?? I wasn’t sure if she still wanted Luke by today’s
    scenes, but Papa?? I just can’t see that…lol KUDOS to Tracey for
    telling Luke to leave Lulu alone!!!!

    Pasta MaMa…RELAX OMG she danced
    around like a teen today. Weird.

    What’s up with Lulu? Does she think she
    doesn’t deserve to he happy? I feel for her. She has had a hard life. Now she is
    turning to the bottle?? (should make for a good storyline though)

    Ohhhhh I wish Abby and Johnny would do it!!!! I haven’t heard any rumors, but then
    again I haven’t been reading many spoilers. I DO like them together!

    Carly..GO HOME!!! STAY HOME!! Now that she took that booty
    showing dress off, why doesn’t she make an attempt to spend time with her little
    girl?? See, that is why I wanted Jax to have custody. Mother of the year,
    Carly will never be.

    Lucky still on the show?
    Kristina still in the hospital?She walking?
    Diane coming back at all?
    Spinelli find that $20 million yet?
    Lisa..didn’t she move some 2 weeks ago??
    Jason still talking to stars?

    What is going on with these storylines? Forgotten?