GH Recap: Thursday, October 6, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Thursday, October 6, 2011.


Delores arrives to question Lulu but ends up giving some answers instead.

Michael refuses to give up on the drugs in the warehouse despite Abby’s pleas.

Ethan checks in on Lucky and brings the torn portrait of Laura. Meanwhile, Luke prepares presents for each Spencer family member. Ethan faces Luke. Lucky opens Siobhan’s letter and starts to read it.

With Spinelli and Matt’s help, Maxie commemorates BJ’s birthday.

Elizabeth challenges Maxie to put her focus back where it belongs: on Matt. Spinelli witnesses Elizabeth and Matt’s growing closeness.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Something’s not right in Hawaii.
  • Carly gets a gift for Josslyn.
  • Michael overhears Carly and Shawn.

  • My2Cents

    Very choppy writing today. AGAIN. STILL. I see it daily.Still
    looking for Kristina…She walking? She home? Jason still talking to
    stars? Franco still hanging with monkeys?Why was Ethan walking
    around with the portrait?? Strange…..The BJ story should have been
    avoided. If they aren’t going to acknowledge Bobbie, then why the drama over
    BJ?? btw….How did everyone know Maxie was going to be on the
    rooftop????(GIANT HOLE)How awesome was it to see BigMac in 2 scenes
    today?? YABBA YABBA.Liz & Maxie. LOVE that bytch fighting!! GO
    Maxie go. Although, in all honesty, Liz wasn’t so out of line by calling Maxie
    out like she did. Lulu is heading for disaster. I do not see a wedding
    coming at all.I do think whatever story is ahead for her, she will ROCK at
    it. Delores?? What is her purpose?? YES she looks stiff. Maybe her
    hubby beats her?? She has a story. They all do when they come on. How
    the writers develop it is the problem….
    Is Luke coming or going? BOTH. Getting ready for his ‘winter break’. lol