GH Recap: Monday, October 3, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Monday, October 3, 2011.


Jason and Sam happily enjoy their honeymoon in Hawaii. Franco chooses a special wedding gift for them.

Sexual tension rising in the panic room, Carly needles Shawn, who refuses to open up about his past. Michael sees Carly and Shawn emerge – hot and sweaty.

Sonny breaks down about Dante when Kate tries to comfort him despite herself. Sonny and Olivia go to visit Dante, leaving Kate an outsider.

Michael and Abby argue over his desire to protect his father, and later, Michael tells Max he is in charge of what happens next with the warehouse.

Lulu goes to see Dante. Later, she returns home and she takes a drink.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Lulu visits Dante.
  • Michael tells Sonny something important.
  • Tracy gets three surprise visitors.

  • My2Cents

    I can’t take this show anymore. Today, I FF’d thru it in its entirety.

    Jason & Sam are in Hawaii?? Why weren’t they in swim clothes??
    was she rolling her eyes out to space like she always does in her scenes with
    Jason?? (some things you can’t miss even ffing)Sonny on a rooftop with
    Kate. I bet they were talking about back in the ‘day?? Bensonhurst..In reality,
    why would a classy women like Kate take back Sonny after he threw her under the
    bus?? Makes no sense. Then he slithered back to the skank Brenda.
    BELCH!And Kate still cares about him??? FF thru my girl Carly and
    that Horndog Shawn-McGuyver. They stuck some place together?? Go home
    Carly to Jos and take that dress off that is showing your booty. What day is
    it?? Why is everyone still full of blood and in dress clothes??

    I guess I missed alot. In though I was watching the scenes ffing, I missed Max, I missed Franco and I didn’t see Lulu taking a drink. This show, and the people behind the scenes who
    don’t give a crap what they put out to us viewers, SHAME on YOU! I can’t
    even stomach to FF’d these ridiculous scenes you put out.