GH Recap: Friday, October 7, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Friday, October 7, 2011.


Jason and Sam continue their romance in Hawaii. But a shadow falls across their beach hut – is it Franco? We realize there is clear and present danger. Carly gets a surprise present for Josslyn.

Lulu remains deeply conflicted by what the future could hold when Dante maintains that being a cop is who he is.

Michael overhears Carly and Shawn discuss the panic room – and takes off determined to handle the drugs himself.

Siobhan’s letter affects Lucky. More drama for the Spencer clan… Ethan refuses to fall for Luke’s old antics while Luke goes to see Lucky.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Jason and Sam are enjoying their honeymoon… but for how long?
  • Luke surprises Lucky.
  • Steve and Olivia get romantic… and injured.

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  • My2Cents

    Oh yea, the actor who plays Ethan has come a long way. Very long way.I was very impressed with his performance today. I hate Luke. He is a disgusting father.

    OMG! The sound of Sio’s voice!! I thought we were done with that??!! I had to ff’d. That accent!!I suppose Lucky started to cry reading her letter?? You will have to keep me posted on what is up with that storyline. I can’t go there again. I just can’t.

    APPLAUSE to Michael today. LOVED him putting Shawn in his place!!I honestly thought the gift would be from Jax to Jos. I think I better give up on any hopes of Jax coming back!!
    Did we see Jason in SHORTS?? Where they staying at?? All the beautiful beach’s & scenery in Hawaii, and it looked like they staying at the MOTEL 6. Bad. Bad GW! Bad!Did we really need to see Franco’s toes to top it off??

    I thought the role of Gina was casted months ago?
    I give today’s show a D.

    Now on to OLTL.