General Hospital: October PreVUE


( — A quick peek into what’s happening in Port Charles this October.


Olivia begins to realize something or someone is standing between her and Steve.

Kate plants a kiss on a surprising Port Charles resident.

The Zacchara men find themselves in over their heads as hell begins to break lose.

It’s just like old times for Spinelli and Maxie – in both the negative and the positive ways.

Elizabeth faces some tough truths about her past and her future.

Can Sam and Carly learn to peacefully co-exist in Jason’s life?

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  • My2Cents

    PLEASE let October be a better month than September was with the writing.
    I am hoping, that lots of re-writes are happening as we speak here.

    Let Dr Steve’s storyline begin.
    Allow Liz to grown, own up to her past and find redemption.
    With the exception of Johnny, let everyone who is mob related, BLOW up this month.
    Lose some of the worthless weight that is weighing GH down.
    Give Carly & Alexis a storyline that they are talented enough to pull off.

  • September for GH and OLTL seemed to suffer a bit. I wonder if that’s because when they were getting things together for September a lot of upper level focus in was facing AMC’s departure, so direction got lost a little bit. I too hope for a better October for both shows!

    • My2Cents

      That may excuse OLTL, however there are no more excuses for GH.

  • i hope spixie get back together

  • Chantal

    Cmon just reunite spixie already!