Breakdown Writer Shelly Altman Named Co-Head Writer of ‘General Hospital’

Disney/ABC Television Group

( — Yesterday afternoon, reported that “” has named breakdown writer as its Co-Head Writer working alongside Head Writer . Per the magazine’s website Altman’s new role is effective immediately.

In July, Soap Opera Network first reported on Altman’s move to “General Hospital” after 11 years at ABC’s “.” At the time Altman was joined by Tracey Thomson on the breakdown team replacing Meg Bennett and David Goldschmid, who were both fired following the termination of Bennett’s husband Robert Guza, Jr., who Wolf replaced back in May.

Before joining “One Life to Live” in 1999 as an Associate Head Writer, Altman worked at NBC’s “” from 1995-1999 in the same position. She received five Daytime Emmy Award nominations in the category of Outstanding Writing Team. Her last four nominations being at “OLTL” (2002, 2006, 2008 and 2009) and her first at “AW” (1996). Altman won the award in 2008 while at “OLTL” under the writing team headed up by  and .

In July 2010, Altman wrote a blog for The which can be viewed here.

As Soap Opera Network went to press, a “GH” representative was unavailable for comment.

  • what’s the point in making these changes on a show that’ll be gone in less than a year???

  • My2Cents2

    Danny my thoughts are they are trying to save what they can so PP will take them as well??
    All I know, is this writer has been around for awhile. There will be no new changes coming from it.
    Her hand has been in the cookie jar awhile now.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they bring in a new HW for AMC before they cancelled them out seems like history is repeating.  So Garin Wolf isn’t cutting the mustard probably because he’s a Guzaesque storyteller sorry but until Frons stays out of the storytelling nothing will change for GH doesn’t matter who the HW is if he won’t let them write without interfering.. This co HW will follow the same fate. Rumor has it that Valentini/Carlivati persuaded Frons to stop meddling and gave them a freer hand which turned OLTL around if true.