All My Children 2.0 Nets Its Third Performer

Steve Fenn/ABC

( — Soap Opera Network has confirmed with an official  spokesperson that has reached an agreement to continue with “” for its scheduled online resurrection in 2012. This afternoon, Williams’ former and future co-star, (Cara) jumped over the production company that licensed “AMC” and “” earlier this year to reveal the news on Twitter. The excited actress exclaimed to fans that the popular actor “has officially signed on!! More to come.” All deals between Prospect Park and performers remain tentative at the moment due to the fact that an official deal hasn’t been reached between the actors’ union AFTRA and the production company.

Williams originally joined the cast of “AMC” in 1981 as Jesse Hubbard, the future love of Angela Baxter’s () life. The actor remained in the role until 1988 when Jesse was killed off. Before returning to “AMC” for a second long-term gig in 2008, Williams played Jacob Foster on ABC’s “” and “” opposite his long time co-star Morgan and enjoyed a recurring gig on CBS’ “.” The 2-time Daytime Emmy winner has also appeared in a multitude of prime-time series including a recurring role on “Felicity.” Before rejoining the cast of “AMC,” Williams was the acting coach for the daytime drama for some time and occasionally directed an episode of the daytime drama. On an important side note, Williams’ on-screen other half, Morgan, is currently starring on CBS’ “.”

Williams, so far, is only the third “AMC” performer to sign on to continue with the soap opera once it goes online. He joins Hartley and (Ryan). Multiple sources indicate that the sticking point for a multitude of actors, besides not being contacted in some cases, has been that the Prospect Park executives want all of their actors to sign on to 4-year contracts. After years of being misinformed and tied to the controlling atmosphere of ABC Daytime, many “AMC” actors don’t appear to have a strong desire to oblige to long-term contracts.

  • Chantal

    Oh yay, three characters on AMC I don’t give a crap abt are the only ones that have signed on. Get back to me when the Kane women, Marissa, the kids, Greenlee, Opal, Jake, and Scott all make their decisions for sure on what they’re doing! I wish Zach would stay too, but I think that ship has sailed, along with Tad and Dixie… 🙁 But Kane women, are the most important ones! (Along with Marissa haha) 

  • well said chantal bianca and marissa need to get signed

  • im still in mourning for all my children!!!! after watching it for 41 years i find it hard to adjust, i do so hope that the whole gang will sign on for their loyal viewers

  • Anonymous

    They should take that crap show the chew off the air and put the soaps back on.  Our country spends to much time on food haven’t the people at ABC looked at the obesity in our country.  Stop the stupid reality shows and cooking shows and put back what the people want.  We want All My Children and One Life To Live back !!!!!

  • Noyaa03

    I still miss AMC. I guess ABC really does not care if someone wants to watch AMC.