ABC Responds to Rumors About ‘General Hospital’s’ Future on the Network

Disney/ABC Television Group

( — Since we reported an update to ABC’s decision to hand over the “” timeslot in September 2012 back to its affiliates in the Disney/ABC Television Groups plan to launch a new talk show hosted by , fans have been up in arms over the possible demise of a daytime institution (on top of the demises of “” and “”) after a number of them started calling their local ABC affiliates and reportedly were told that the network had informed them they would be pulling “GH” off the ABC Daytime schedule as early as June 2012. Now an ABC Daytime representative tells Soap Opera Network that those rumors are just “not true.”

“This is not true…our ABC stations have not been told that the ‘General Hospital’ time slot will end in June. The confusion probably lies in giving back the ‘GH’ ‘Time Period’ to the stations come September 2012,” said the rep who reminds us of the following statement issued back in June of this year:

“The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital.’ Rather it means that in September 2012 we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows.  We’ll have options for the Daytime daypart just like we do each year with Primetime.  We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want, will be the ones that continue. There are MANY options that could happen…only time will tell…we are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business.  The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

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  • My2Cents2

    I don’t believe a word abc says.
    So it could be as early as June?? WOW.

  • They did the same thing to GL and it was cancelled a few years later!

    • My2Cents2

      We aren’t talking years here. We are talking months.
      Sadly I believe it too. This show has no ratings. Nor do I see it gaining any to stay on abc.

  • C C

    ABC and Disney you never tell the truth.You use your figures on ratings not what is real.Nielson is soooo out of date.Get a count thru DirecTV,Dish,Time Warner,Comcast,all cable companies and us the viewers.So no this not going to stop.Keep blowing smoke we know who and so dishonest.Disney stock holder thought Netflix was bad wait till you see us pull out from ESPN,Disney,ABC (except soaps)

  • Disney and ABC think that daytime fans are morons.  Just look at the lies told to the cast of AMC and OLTL. Please ABC/Frons lied to Susan Lucci and had her telling fans at her book signings that AMC was safe. Lie to La Lucci? Use La Lucci to spread lies to devoted daytime viewers. Disney Daytime is the Liars Club. Fans of GH need to keep calling affliates and calling out ABC and the lies of Brian Frons, Anne Sweeney & co. ABC Daytime goes to great lengths to blow smoke up viewers’ butts.

    Keep digging Soap Fans … where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • My2Cents2

    The show will be gone by June.
    abc/disney thinks we are all idiots.
    That is why they put out stupid lazy sloppy written stories out.
    And we watch. How sad is that?

  • Anonymous

    ABC Daytime execs are liars. It’s been proven time and time again.

  • ABC doesn’t care what their viewers want to watch. They have already proven this when they cancelled their most watched soap. I can’t believe they expect anyone to buy their lies.

  • My2Cents2

    We are guilty for watching this lousy written show. They don’t deserve our viewership with what they are putting out and how they lie.

  • It doesnt matter AT THIS POINT. I stopped watching weeks ago for the first time ever. Mostly because of the total destruction of characters especially the Veterans. The reasons specifics dont really matter but as a whole the show is hard to sit thru so they can continue but it will be with ratings in the dumpster unless they get better writers.

  • Rather this comment by ABC above is just a repeat of what they stated before they canceled AMC and OLTL with their hogwash about their 3 strongest shows. They already canceled 2 of them so they no longer have them haha.Do they not read their own stats like the recent article with all the demographic listings proving AMC in #2 spot in almost every category.Only OLTL beat them in girls category 12-17 With over 720,000 fans coming out for AMC’s last airing alone proves they never know the true viewership of anything in fact.They will continue to spew lies and do what they do best which is cancel and alienate their viewers until one day they will have none left at all.We will continue as the nations are proving to do what we do best and that is not watch any ABC.

  • My2Cents2

    abc lies. don’t they understand lying makes us dispise the network even more?

  • bellatrix318

    It’s funny how everyone says ABC executives are liars because the first thing I thought of when I read this is that the ABC executives were a bunch of liars.
    Katie Couric’s show will bomb, we will make sure of it!

  • My2Cents2

    I won’t change my watching habits one way or another. I tape the soaps now and watch at night.
    I watch news during the day or I am gone. Katic or Elvis wouldn’t get me to watch daytime talk shows!

  • I have been watching GH since the early 90’s.I remember running home from my bus stop and heading straight upstairs to put the tv on cause GH was starting. 20+ years with this soap, there characters,the many story lines that have touched people’s hearts, grabbed a hole of us and took us on a journey with them. The countless romances that have given us hope for a great love of soulmates or a dirty little affair that end in a huge explosion. Over the years we have invited the characters homes; we have shared their first love, first heartbreak, battled illnesses, greaved losses and shared the joys of the little moments that everything. To take GH off the air would be a big let down to the fans, Especially if Sonny and Brenda never truely have their happily ever after!!!

  • Anonymous

    didn’t they say the future was bright for the shows they cancelled; didn’t Frons lie to Lucci while cancellation of AMC was already a done deal  How many lies have they told?  

    So Sweeney doesn’t want out of the soap business that has been said for years?  

    It doesn’t matter to me I’m not a Nielsen family although I record GH  to save soaps for those that want to watch this horror show. However,  I find the favoritism in storytelling abominable how they coddle their favs with writing; the firings and destruction of core families and the favoritism in writing /promotion/marketing for the characters to be liked/popular and/or sympathetic.  I’m sorry but Frons and his marketing team speak with forked tongues.

  • Anonymous

    ABC / DISNEY…..You blew it! Taking off “our soaps”…. You messed with our livelihood….I am talking about the older people, the retired, stay at home folks…..We already know how to “cook” and hold a conversation at the table….and we are computer literate, if we want the latest news…..ABC / DISNEY, YOU BLEW IT.  Soap Opera fans…..lets show them (ABC / DISNEY) what low ratings are.  You got cable/dish watch a free movie during the afternoon or just turn the tv off and rest…Catch up on things that you put off…..ANYTHING BUT WATCH THIS B.S. THAT’S BEING FORCED ON US!  

  • If ABC is to sign a deal with Katie, why can’t they put Katie on the air in the morning, and leave General Hospital on its 3:00 time slot. We don’t need any more talk shows. People need some drama to escape, plus soaps are how a lot of successful actresses, and actors got their start. I have no intention of watching Katie.
    My opinion counts

  • Juju Bees

    I’m responding to the rep in the article that made this comment on the Soap Opera Network “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital.’ Rather it means that in September 2012 we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows.  We’ll have options for the Daytime daypart just like we do each year with Primetime.  We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want, will be the ones that continue. There are MANY options that could happen…”
    Your OPTIONS are NOT to do any changing… PERIOD! You’ve heard from the people, folks at ABC!!! How much longer are you going to watch your tanking afternoon “replacements” of OLTL and AMC and state “we are leaving this open for options!” What you are saying to us is that you don’t CARE what the viewers want! A lot like our gov’t politicians today, eh?  LEAVE IT ON!!! Bring back OLTL and AMC and you’ll see the fan base return in droves!!! Re-slot the “Chew’ and other shows and they may even get better ratings! Use your marketing skills (because God knows you need some) to start Marketing/advertising GH to a whole new generation that is unfamiliar with daytime drama! Ads in papers, commercials, radio slots, bill boards!! C’mon… get with the picture and don’t leave the ‘fate’ of GH in the fans hands by saying “You just need to watch!” how about you get your acts together and start promoting this wonderful show, eh? Geeeez… Who is your marketing strategist up there? Are you telling me you haven’t even thought about it? OOH YAH..I forgot.. It takes $$… Oh brother… money that is tanking by your other daytime slots the 
    Spew and The “Revoltion!” Have you not learned yet? The new Writers at GH are doing a fantastic job… let them do their job ABC and get your butts outta the way so they can work!

  • I have been a devoted fan of ABC daytime since AMC came on the air!!! Losing AMC and OLTL was  such a big letdown and now the prospect of losing GH will really impact my decision on what network to watch each weekday. ABC will NOT be at the top of my list.The time between GMA and World News with Diane Sawyer will be spent elsewhere!!!! I am soooooo disappointed in ABC, and until now,it’s been my favorite network my entire adulthood.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to share my thoughts on 2 topics.  #1:  Why are DVR’d shows only counted for the first 48 hours after they aired?  #2, Has excessive online fan negative feedback ref storylines hurt the industry, or helped it?

    If networks are judging a show’s popularity by who watches their DVR’d shows daily, they are miscounting in a Huge way.  Most viewers will typically be like me, and record a week’s worth of shows & then watch them all at once when they get a day off & can do a marathon & not be left wondering with a cliffhanger.  I not only do that with soaps, but all shows.  My watching preference is to not even watch a tv series during first-run showings, but catch them on a marathon & enjoy them uninterrupted by week-long waiting.  I can’t be the only one watching programs in this manner.  Our whole family does, and so does every friend I’ve talked to about this issue.  But we are still big fans of the programs we like.  We still see the commercials, and what difference does it make if we see a toilet paper commercial within 48 hours, or 48 days?  We are still going to need to buy toilet paper, and our viewing the DVR’d program should count a week later as much as it counts watching it within 48 hours.  I believe this is an unreasonable expectation, to only count a program’s ratings if we watch a DVR’d show within 48 hours; and should be changed to reflect the changing times we are living in now.  30 years ago before VCRs & DVR’s, we *had* to watch a show the very minute it aired.  That is no longer true, so why aren’t we counting them more appropriately?!  I’ve seen so many really popular shows cancelled, and they should still be on the air.  Stop expecting us to watch them within 48 hours; that is totally unrealistic!  I can’t help but wonder:  are some shows being cancelled because they think they are no longer popular, when in fact they are simply being viewed later  in marathons?  Why should it matter when we watch a show, as long as we *do* watch it?
    My second comment has to do with wondering how the internet has changed the way the writers decide storylines from the way they used to write them.  I imagine that they probably take a lot of what people say, negative and/or positive, to heart–and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  In years past, I can remember quite a few storylines that I was not a big fan of…at first.  Given time & watching the storyline play out over a long period of time, I was often won over and it only made the story more emotionally effective in the long-run.  Now, it seems that a story will begin to be told, then scrapped & a different tactic tried before it is given a true chance; and I believe this is happening since online fan followings have started sharing so much negative feedback, which gets back to the networks/producers/writers.   I think this has greatly hurt the integrity of soaps & their stories. This is unfortunate.  I also see so much negativity from viewers that I hesitate to even call them fans, because they seem to spew much more negativity than love!  Don’t get me wrong, some sharing is very helpful.  I’m talking about the fans who are very resistant to almost any change, to the point where they balk at everything.  If we all listened constantly to everyone’s opinions of every little thing we did, we’d never get anything done because we would keep changing it to try to please this person/that person/this person/that person.  I miss the way a storyline used to play out in its entirety.  Now, storylines are sketchy at best, and not meaty or well-filled-in.  Instead, we get sketches so they can try them out on us, and most of the time they are quickly changed.  Not good.

    For example, as much as there was public outcry over the GH Luke & Laura storyline about rape being part of their history, can you imagine that story happening today?  It would never be allowed, would it.  Would you prefer that, or would you rather have the opportunity to see the entire Luke & Laura storyline unfold as it was meant to, without public outcry misdirecting it?  Can you imagine that story being told today?  It would never happen.  And I, for one, believe that would be our loss…*IS* our loss, because there are similar stories which are being pulled today; similar stories that are not being told because a few people boo it.  And similar stories which will never be told, because the soaps they would be showcased on are now cancelled.  What a shame.  What a missed opportunity for us all.   If this idea is upsetting to you, perhaps you might think twice before taking a poison pen to do a hatchet job to a new storyline before you’ve given it a real chance.   I’m going to try to refrain for that reason.

    Those are my 2 thoughts for the night, FWIW. 

    • Lee

      very true I dvr GH and its the first thing I watch when i get home from work…very good point. This needs to be counted

  • Sara

    I am dissapointed on ABC TV it cancelled the best soaps,if they cancel General Hospital  no one wants to watch their boring,chew,Resoltion and other boring stuff,they were running the soaps 40+years they could still have kept it.Which of the majority is such a good housewife,athlete or health freak that is going to watch the boring stuff.Their rating is going to be Zero.

    • My2Cents2
  • Golfagain05

    GeneralHospial?????? What are you doing bring new characters in and no storyline to follow with the regulars? John Mcbain, Tea, Starr? Come on and deal with your regulars and get back to something we can follow.

    • My2Cents2
    • Kimdiaz

      I like the fact they are using characters from my other cancelled soaps, I see Starr with Michael,Sam withJohn and a whole lot of fun with Todd.Give it time

  • GHfan!

    ABC needs to really figure out what viewers want!  You take AMC, OLTL and now thinking of GH!  Really?!  I have been a avid viewer of AMC, OLTL and GH since I was young enough to remember.  My children loved watching those shows as I have with my Mother and Grandmother.  This is a tradition in my family as well as other families.  I record them daily and watch them when I get home.  I use those shows as a way to unwind from a stressful day at work.  I can’t stand all these talk shows!  Revolution…come on!  That was a waste of time putting that on.  I could care less watching tiny segments from several different people on topics that are a waste of my time.  The Chew…if I wanted to watch a cooking show I would tune into the foodnetwork.  Here’s an idea!  Put back on the long time running shows that we all loved and are devoted to and take off The View, The Chew, The Revolution.  The way I look at it, anything that begins with THE is crap!  If they take GH off the air then you can count on one less viewer on ABC!

  • secret one

    Don’t get rid of GH, I have been watching that since I was a very young lady its a great soap!

    • Kimdiaz

      i agree they have already taken 2 of my soaps leave GH

  • Zoe

    Everyone I know who has watched GH for DECADES does NOT watch these new shows and has absolutely no interest in Katie Couric.  Why would ABC take off the show that the viewers want to force someone on us?  Ratings are like statistics, generally swayed to whatever the survey makers wants them to be!

  • Sadly, we are all wasting our time trying to change the minds of the ABC execs. They honestly believe the claptrap they are spewing about ratings, but when we all either turn off or tune out ABC from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., then maybe they’ll finally get the picture. If they think they have money issues now, wait until all their sponsors pull out because there are no viewers to sell their porducts to.  I haven’t watched ABC daytime after nine a.m. or before 3 p.m. since they took off OLtL and AMC. I won’t watch Katie Couric, I have never watched the Chew or the Revolution and I never will.
    ABC is pushing their luck by cancelling all the soaps. They have one left and if they’re smart, they’ll leave it on in its original timeslot. Of course Brian Fronz has already proven that ABC’s programming people are a long way from smart.

    • Jordanmarks

      Agree with everything you have said… Tell em how it is Linda

      • Kremkay

        I agree totally

  • Donna Taylor

    I am one of the people who is sick and tired of cooking shows,reality shows and yes some talk shows.  I have always enjoyed the soaps, when they took off “All my Children” and” One Life to Live” I turn ABC Channel off in the afternoon until Geneal Hospital came and switch to another channel at 4 P.M. until the News came on.  I am just so sad to see the soaps go, because I started listening to them on the adio and then TV when they started there. So if General Hospital goes off the air to you know what I willbe doing.  Why did they ceate the Soap Channel at night?  They should put all the soap programs on thee and the people that would like to watc thee favorite soaps can do so.

  • Selena3081998

    This is total BS first AMC Then OLTL and now GH I hated it when they cancel stuff for more stupid shows

  • Dianer_1953

    I am sick of watching talk show, who did this to whom and what their having for supper,,,blah, blah, blah we have one soap opera to watch now please leave that alone. General Hospital has been a part of my family in one way or another since it first came on the air. Please leave one icon alone

  • Dianer_1953

    I am sick of watching talk show, who did this to whom and what their having for supper,,,blah, blah, blah we have one soap opera to watch now please leave that alone. General Hospital has been a part of my family in one way or another since it first came on the air. Please leave one icon alone

  • Lee

    All I can say is LEAVE GH ALONE….im tired of all these stupid shows on abc i dont watch any of the new stuff on this network…Im tired of being ignored there is a group that appreciate the soaps everything is not new age or for generation y. If I see one more reality talk show created I swear I will give up on television all together and go deal with cable tv and movies only. The Revolution did not make which I knew it would fail because we have enough people telling us what to do with our lives. Let us have some fantasy and drama it helps some of us get away and have something to look forward to watch every day. So remember there are fans out there that still miss AMC and OLTL so dont take the only good soap we have left.

  • Portavita

    i know your ratings will fall without GH and the other soaps. your replacements are so boring and theres enoth health management on the tv constantly….Im so upset, Judge Judy is gone at 4-5 and not my favorite GH is threatened. watch those ratings die!

  • My2Cents2

    come visit my new blog as well.

  • D. Enright

    I will boycott if GH is replaced – enough news/ talk/ food shows already. GH is fun, interesting and different! Keep GH ON!!

  • Nan

    I for one have enough talk shows to watch so will not be watching Katie , i think G.H is loved by many , to many to discontinue the show .

  • I have been watching GH since I was a little girl, my daughters (now 16 & 13) have been watching it will me all there lives. PLS DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW. There is NEW life on GH with the addition of Todd, and Starr, along with the many people I grew up watching and love, btw you need to bring back ROBIN!!!

  • ABC will lose yet another loyal viewer if you cancel GH!!!!

  • I just saw a commercial for ABC 7 in LA and they’ve got DR. OZ at 2 and Katie at 3. GH normally airs at 2 here.

  • sick of talk shows

    I think you should leave GH alone we don’t need anymore talk shows to tell us what we all ready know, or what is going to happen if we don’t take care of this planet we are on. I mean get real