ABC Moving Much of Its Daytime Operations to New York City

Disney/ABC Television Group

( — With the cancellations of “” and “” back in April it was unclear at the time as to where their replacement shows “” and “” would film their daily episodes. Now with “Chew” filming in New York and soon “” set to begin filming in New York as well, Soap Opera Network has learned that ABC Daytime is shifting much of its operations to New York City including talent management and media relations.

Along with the behind the scenes shift to New York, look for ‘s new syndicated talk show to be filmed there as well. As previously reported, Couric’s new show will replace “” in the 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM CT/PT timeslot as ABC is set to hand over the hour back to its affiliates beginning in September 2012 in hopes that their affiliates will choose to pick up what the company deems to be a more profit sharing program.

With just three hours left available to program effective September 2012, “General Hospital,” which will be the last remaining regularly scheduled daytime soap still airing on ABC and the last daytime series (scripted or otherwise) produced by ABC filming in Los Angeles, will be fighting for its survival in the coming months as it goes head-to-head with “The Chew” and “The Revolution” when it comes to the almighty dollar (ie. which show brings in enough income relative to cost). Upon announcing the timeslot shift for “GH” back in June, , Vice President, Publicity, ABC Daytime/SOAPnet stated via a company press release that “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital.’ Rather it means that in September 2012, we will program our daytime block with our three strongest shows. We’ll have options for the daytime daypart just like we do each year with prime-time. We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want will be the ones that continue. There are many options that could happen … only time will tell. We are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business. The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

New York’s last remaining regularly scheduled daytime soap opera, “One Life to Live,” is set to film its final episode on the afternoon of Friday, November 18 and air its series finale in January 2012. “All My Children,” “,” “,” “,” “” and “” were the last regularly scheduled daytime soaps to film in New York City. In the case of “AMC,” the soap moved to Los Angeles in January 2010 in a cost saving move after nearly 40 years on television. The soap was later canceled along with “One Life to Live” in April 2011, four months after celebrating its 41st anniversary.

  • we were watching AMC and OLTL too and look what happened. 

  • My2Cents2

    How can we watch General Hospital when its UNWATCHABLE??

  • wont watch katie either. daytime on abc will be lonely. Its for the soaps just put all the soaps back on.we used to have game shows in the morning and decent talk shows then soaps all afternoon then maybe more talk shows or good kid shows. now nothing.

    • I definitely agree I think ABC/D has screwed themselves.  The companies that be have shown that they have no compassion for viewers or their values.  We the viewers have no say in what we want on television.  It has come down to the almight dollar with ABC, unfortunately for them as a company they have stabbed themselves in the wallet.  The soap fans have spoken!  This even runs deeper because of the cancellation of some great prime time shows that viewers loved and now ABC/D is being boycotted for those as well.  I believe the viewers are tired of being bullied and taken advantage of by the so called “Big” networks.  They have run their gamut long enough.  It’s time they bid fairwell and become the underdog.

  • My2Cents2

    Soaps are  gone from abc daytime. Forever. Our only hope is if PP gets another network to pick them up. Which is what I am hoping for.

  • And I so can’t wait to see their faces when they find out that their shows are going to be me major flunks and get pulled off the air.

  • Still confused what time will GH air ?

    • My2Cents2

      GH will be in the toilet unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    Why did the soaps have to move west to cut costs, and now the sinking ships have to move east to cut costs?  What are these network people feeding us? I think they are going in circles trying to undo what they did, because we can all see that daytime ABC is headed south.  No soaps, no fans, no viewers.  I will NEVER be a 41 year fan of anything but AMC.  There is no reality show that will ever get and hold the longtime viewers like that.  What were they thinking??? Soap fans were there every day Mon-Fri. Chew fans (well there aren’t any) might catch an episode every now and then if they forget to turn the channel.

  • They can shove it all up their ABC-hole! I won’t be watching anything ABC puts on the air daytime or night time. 

  • There are many options that could happen … only time will tell. We are
    simply giving ourselves options for the future …

    TRANSLATION:  “General Hospital” will last air in September of 2012.

  • My2Cents2

    Vince….you said it perfect.

  • Mark Hilson

    Point blank: ABC SUCKS!

  • If you are a true GH fan you will watch it to keep it alive! Realize that much of what ABC/D is doing is a ploy to try and get a cancellation regardless of what they may say.  All good things come to those who wait and have patience… it truly is a virtue.  You must believe.  Years of good soaps don’t go away in a minuscle moment.  It takes time for them to be undone and it takes time for them to be reshaped to become to great soaps that they once were.  ABC/D fired and hired soap writers that have pratically killed off all of the Quartermaines.  Few of them remain and they once were one of the great soap families on GH, a staple of the show.  It will take time to turn this show around and rebuild.  Be there for it and stand behind it.  Why do you think so many of the other soaps have faltered? 

  • My2Cents2

    I think…PP is taking a new way of viewing TV into the next century. Just like when soaps went from radio to TV.
    PP I believe in. They will succeed brilliantly with AMC/OLTL. ABC isn’t so stupid either. They will still get a chunck of PP’s money from the soaps. So how does abc lose? They don’t.
    My will they want GH when its time for GH to go off the air?
    GH is soo bad. OLTL – AMC are in a completely different category.