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( — “” Episode Recap – Thursday, October 20, 2011.


Patrick and Robin get romantic.

Steve and Olivia get romantic, too.

Lulu’s concern heightens when Sonny gives her some advice about marrying Dante. Meanwhile, Delores questions Dante.

Kate trounces into Jake’s and lays one on Coleman when Sonny arrives.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Lisa takes Robin and Patrick by surprise.
  • Johnny struggles.
  • Sonny won’t take Kate’s attitude.
  • My2Cents2

    I am confused. When did a boat ride turn into couples going off to their own rooms?? Robin & Patrick couldn’t wait to get home? Not only is it tacky, its RUDE to his brother. Ditto horndogs Steve & Olivia.
    NEVER thought I would say this, but Liz showed the most class.

    I HATE this terrible terrible show. Who goes on a 3 hour cruise in the cold, jumps in the water,
    and can’t keep their hands off one another like high schoolers in the prime of their teen years?
    Who wrote this story???
    And what happened to Maxie & Spinelli?? Did they drown?? BTW its cold in upper NY today. 42degrees. Hardly boat & swimming and sleeveless clothing weather!!!

    HATE HATE HATE the way this show has been written. I almost wish Guza would take back over.