Will Lucci, Knight and Budig Follow ‘All My Children’ to the Net?


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — This week has been full of well deserved tributes, accolades and goodbyes to a 41-year old television institution, “.” Lost in the avalanche of interviews with the actors who have contributed their talents to the popular soap opera may have been several of the shows most popular actors sharing if they have been asked to follow it to the internet and if they’re willing to. The production company that has licensed their soap opera, , has recently stepped up talks with “AMC’s” cast members locking in deals with (Ryan) and (Cara). Where do “AMC’s” other popular stars, including their biggest star (Erica), stand on moving to the net? Continue reading to find out.

Fans may have felt a renewed sense of doom when Deadline.com turned up with a scathing report about Lucci and Prospect Park failing to come to terms due to the superstar trying to “gouge” the production company thus endangering the daytime drama’s future. Coincidentally, that report came out in the days following the paperback release of her memoir, “All My Life.” The book contains a new chapter where the respected actress reveals her not so positive true feelings about ABC Daytime’s top brass. This Friday, the stunning 64-year old actress talked to NPR about her career and her future with “AMC.” Lucci revealed that she is still in negotiations with Prospect Park and is currently “waiting for a response” to terms she has put on the table. The popular actress shares that she’d love to continue with the soap that she help put on the map. She asserts that “[her] heart is there with Agnes Nixon, Erica Kane, [the] viewership, [the] fans.”

, on the other hand, appears to be settling in for a long break from Pine Valley. Earlier this week, he revealed to Michael Fairman that the men behind Prospect Park reached out to him “hard and fast” early on in the game with a respectful and generous offer for a long-term contract. Knight turned that offer down. The Daytime Emmy Award winner reveals he certainly feels a responsibility to the soap opera he joined in 1982 and to its loyal fans, so he has told Prospect Park executives, Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz, he’d be willing to “go forward on a recurring basis, or short-term, or whatever.” The exhausted actor feels the character of Tad Martin has been put in a corner in terms of storyline and appears to be, respectfully, enjoying having a choice in term of his future after years of dealing with a demanding and demeaning ABC Daytime brass. Knight does not rule out a contract return to the soap at some point in the future.

Frustrated with the writing for her once spitfire character, Greenlee Smythe, initially appeared to be ready to jump ship before Prospect Park even imagined extending an offer. This week she revealed to TV Line that she has met with Prospect Park and they’re “still talking.”

As previously reported, one of Budig’s best friends and her former co-star, Alicia Minshew found herself in a similar situation to both Knight and Budig; ready to move on and only willing to remain with the show within a limited capacity. After beginning talks with Prospect Park, though, the actress appears to feel more positive about ultimately being able to work something out.

Prospect Park is currently doing its best to get “AMC” back to viewers through the internet with new content by January 2012.  The production company still has to iron out deals with the actor’s union, AFTRA, and work out tentative deals with enough actors to get “AMC” and “’s” ships sailing.

  • this does look promising and i for one hope it takes off

  • Will it be online or on tv?

    • i’m thinking that amc is going to be on line as well as on cable… and if its on cable that will be good because it means edgy.  I think it will be a step up really for the actors and just may boost careers..

  • Anonymous

    I hope a lot of the “head” characters will accept a deal.  I can’t wait for the show to become available to watch again and hopefully start up right where it left off.  If the actors really care about the fans as they all claim to, then the transition shouldn’t be a problem.  The way I see it is this is a Disney/ABC loss and a Prospect Park/AMC fan gain!  Please, please, please bring back our beloved All My Children!!!

  • idk

  • I can understand that a some of the actors who have been with the show for a long time might want to try something different and see what else is out there.  However, with all the reality shows on daytime and nightime now, there are less and less scripted shows for them to seek new employment.  I just hope they all find something that makes them happy.  Selfishly, I want them all to sign on with Prospect Park even if just on a recurring basis or for a short term at first to see how it feels with the changes.  I would LOVE to see the show remain a big hit and become even more popular and show those morons at ABC how STUPID they were to throw away the baby with the bathwater.  .

  • i am going to go through withdrawl.  i have been watching since it started.  i hope they can come to an agreement.  it is the best soap ever

  • Unlike OLTL andGH, AMC has been short on loyal actors for the last ten years or so.  They might have to completely re-boot this one.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the actors on All My Children, which finished taping at the end of August, will find out that its not that easy to get another acting job out in LA or NY. The competition is fierce for both daytime and prime time TV shows as well as movies. As time goes by and Prospect Park works out its issues, these actors may find themselves very grateful to be able to go back to work on AMC and OLTL. Some may get other jobs but will they be steady ones? Very questionable to say the least. If they care at all about the fans and most especially Agnes Nixon, they will continue; after all, the fans really fought to save the show and they succeeded. I’m just hoping that egos don’t get in the way of their going back to these daytime shows. Cam Mathison certainly found this out years ago when he “tried Hollywood” and was so grateful that AMC took him back!!

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the actors from All My Children may decide to pursue other acting gigs in LA and NY. However the competition is fierce in both daytime and prime time TV as well as in the movies and very few “make it” so to speak. AMC finished taping at the end of August; Prospect Park plans to start their shows in January; there is a very good chance that these actors will find out that there are no jobs and sign on to PP’s deal in the long run. I’m hoping that egos don’t get in the way of these actors and they will sign on; a job is a job and it pays the bills.  Cam Mathison found this out years ago when he tried to work in Hollywood and found next to nothing out there. He was so grateful that Agnes Nixon brought him back to AMC and he showed it by being one of the first to sign on to Prospect Park. There will be a lot of disappointed fans if a lot of the AMC actors don’t continue; after all, they worked hard to save both shows. It certainly is gratifying to see The Chew failing in the ratings, thanks to all of the AMC fans who refused to watch it; the same will happen to the OLTL time slot when they end their show.