‘The Chew’ by the Numbers: Three Days and Already Below ‘All My Children’s’ Year-Ago Performance

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Although ABC did not expect “” to outperform” every day nor did they expect it to beat it in the long-run, after all the ultimate goal is to save money by producing a cheaper show, the network should still be a little worried about “Chew’s” performance after three days of data have been released.

According to Nielsen Media Research via TV Media Insights, after three days on the air “The Chew” is averaging a 1.9/6 household rating/share point (the site noted 2.0/6, but it is actually 1.9/6). During the same period a year ago, “All My Children” had a 2.1/7 household rating/share point.

Although not much can be said about a lead-in, especially when broadcast network programming doesn’t typically live or die by the local programming airing on their affiliated stations prior to the start of a broadcast lineup, Marc Berman, TV Media Insight‘s Editor in Chief, noted the following about “The Chew’s” first three days:

Monday 9/26 – Lead-in: 3.0/10, The Chew: 2.1/ 7
Tuesday 9/27 – Lead-in: 2.9/10, The Chew: 1.9/ 6
Wednesday 9/28 – Lead-in: 2.8/ 9, The Chew: 1.8/ 6

  • Soap fans tried to get ABC to change their mind but i guess they are hurting even with disney owning them and their  programming is going to go down hill further when oltl goes

  • My2Cents

    WOW. Why did I think they were off to a good start??
    This is good news!! They are flopping already??

  • It’s inevitable this show and The Revolution are going to be ABC’s downfall.

    • My2Cents

      Oh how fun it will be to watch!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so angry with the way ABC et al has handled this whole debacle that I am boycotting all its channels and you know what?   It’s much easier than I thought it might be.  I don’t miss them and I feel great about it.  

  • I will be happy when Mr. Frons is on the unemployment line with stupidity as his reason for being fired.

    • My2Cents

      I don’t see that happening soon. I hope I am wrong.
      The good thing about this…if GH brings in some descent writers, maybe they still have a chance with abc.

  • This is great news! The sound of a million remotes switching off ABC at 1PM is music to my ears! Advertisers and affiliates won’t be happy. It doesn’t matter how much money they save to produce a show if nobody watches. The complete story of “The Chew”‘s failure can’t be written until this week’s ratings for DOOL, Y&R, and B&B come out. The era of food talk shows is DOA, and the era of soaps is resurging.

  • THIS IS ABSOLUTELTY THE BEST NEWS I’VE READ SINCE APRIL 14 WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THEY WERE CANCELLING AMC & OLTL!   Did ABC really believe that the SOAP FANS were not to be taken seriously!  We will never  watch the SPEW, REVOLUTION or any other garbage you try to use as replacements.  You are all getting what you deserve and I hope it especially puts Brian Frons out of a job.  By the way, you should not have been so quick to post and brag about your ratings for Monday.  None of us believed they were that good and now the Nielsen numbers prove it!  I can’t wait for the ratings to come out when we’re all watching our Soaps on the internet.  I wish we could all be there to watch your network go down. SOAP FANS ARE THE BEST!!!!  

  • retrograde inversion

    Here’s hoping this show FAILS quickly and go away. I know our beloved soaps won’t be brought back to ABC but nevertheless, let this and every non-soap program die a swift, miserable death. I, for one, have yet to watch any of the shows that have replaced: Guiding Light and As The World Turns…and now, All My Children. As the soaps go, so do I and my family.

  • Any body with half a brain will see that this show is doomed. I watched for 5 minutes and had to turn it off. I don’t need a bunch of celebrity nobody’s like the Oz broad telling me what I should be eating. If I want to watch Michael Symon I’ll watch him on the Food network. Carla’s food never appealed to me when she was on Top Chef and as for Batali and those stupid orange shoes. What does he think he’s an Elf or something?  It is disjointed and annoying and the food isn’t that appealing.
    Stuff it Frons..

    • Daphne Oz is only there because of her dad, Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the syndicated Dr. Oz Show, and ironically in some markets, Daphne and her much more well known dad are going head to head in some markets where he has replaced some cancelled soaps on some NBC and CBS affiliates. Her dad has her beat in those markets, I bet. It’s cheaper, but it will be like The Jay Leno Show, cheaper to produce, low ratings, and like The Jay Leno Show, which ended up costing Jeff Zucker his job at NBC, The Chew will probably cost Brian Frons his job at ABC. History will probably be repeating itself real soon.

      • Good he should loose his job and join the rest of the people who worked on those shows in the unemployment line! Canceling those shows put a lot of people out of work that work behind the scenes too. And since Clinton is so into fashion, tell Mario to do something about those stupid orange shoes!

  • My2Cents

    OK so hopefully this show is a flop. ABC is not going to bring these 2 soaps back. Its dead in the water.
    Hopefully, PP will be able to get a cable network to pick up these shows before January. With these numbers, why wouldn’t someone want to air them, instead of reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ for the 50th year!!
    Or other shows from the 70’s and 80’s. Get a channel to run these soaps, and it will be profit profit profit all the way.

    • I see, my 2cents, you did not like BEING CALLED out, so you reassested your point of view/change of thought, perhaps you can now decide where you really stand at least for the moment!

      • My2Cents

        Robert…I have no problem being called out. Trust me, I live for a good challenge.
        However, where did I change my thought?? Please enlighten me with your intelligent perception.

        For the record, I have never watched The Chew. So I can’t say if its good or bad. Does it matter?
        The show isn’t going anywhere, and abc is not bringing back the soaps. It is what it is.
        So for all of you to come on here and rip on a show is very juvenille.
        Next September it will be Katie on attack from all the people who can’t handle change. 

        AGAIN..I would appreciate if you would tell me where I have changed my point of view.
        NOBODY, can get me to do that. TRUST me.
        If you are referring to the above post by me, that was posted a week ago.
        That was one of my first posts.
        Not my fault you missed over it.

  • My2Cents

    There are some good shows on abc in the evening that I am not going to give up.

    I do believe in the past year, that abc has lowered their standards in what they air though.

  • MY 2 cents, I have only to say our constitution gaurantees free speech, if you really are going to to SPEW little applause and  suttle comments which really support ABC, then you should find another place to post your thoughts.  If they don’t put the soaps back on, which I am sure they won’t,as stupidity knows no limits,or STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, well, they will have found out that stupidity does have a COST, Brian Frons’s JOB, and the poorly thought out/and his AIRHEAD boss.  Also, everybody, regarding free speech, if you have put a negative comment on your facebook page regarding the CHEW, or join boycott ABC 7, THE CHEW and all of the stars FACEBOOK pages has already blocked you, so much for free speech or having an opposing point of view, BYE BYE mr. FRONS, and the rotten tasting CHEW!

    • My2Cents

      Robert C Gartner…..What stupid thought are you trying to get across to me??
      That if I don’t BASH abc I am not wanted here?? Too bad. NOT your call.

      • Not at all, since you are just another comment on the wall, that sends small suttle support aginst what everyones consensus is on this page at all, and at first was very KIND, and now has become HOSTILE and DEFENSIVE, it proves EVERYONES point, as it appears to the majority of bloggers here, it seems quite logical to assert that A) your hostility proves that your response  is from someone either connected to THE CHEW fan page on FACEBOOK, or in support of another blog to cause all of us that are supporting boycott ABC 7 to look foolish or fanatical, and attempt to soften our bottom line here, or B) quite possibly part of the production team of the chew, has been a few of those types here, none of which enjoys being called out, JUST LIKE YOURSELF, get this straight, you are influencing NOBODY HERE at all, and we all will continue to call them as we see them, so, if you feel your support is best for support of the CHEW, than GO TO THEIR PAGE, where you will be treated welcome, as for our pages, we all will call anybody out who has a different point of view, BUT, WE WILL NOT BLOCK YOU, like the CHEW fB page, and all of the CHEW stars FB pages are doing if you continue to oppose what us bloggers say, you will be given the SAME RESPECT you are trying to GIVE ALL of US, so go enjoy the CHEW, and leave us all out of it, and preferably leave our page alone, thats my opinion, of which is guaranteed by the bill of RIGHTS, but BLOCKED by the CHEWS fB page, and all of the CHEWs star’s FB pages, none of us say you have to leave, just know you will continue recieve the same welcome you are now recieving in return, my opinion, my call, and my right to say, as a supporting member of this page, in the end you are the one who will decide if you should stay where your are not welcome, as you are RIGHT, thats not my call to make!! “nuff said”

        • My2Cents

          What is NUFF??
          I will express my opinion whenever I chose to. You don’t like what I have to say?? Don’t read my comments.
          I say what I feel. Don’t like it, don’t read or respond.
          I am supporting nobody, except pp because they are a new age of watching TV.
          They had the BALLS to take this show to another height.
          The actors from daytime abc have decided to go along for the ride. Time to ‘move on’.
          I suggest the same for the rest of you. MOVE ON.

          I don’t belong to any groups on FB. I don’t LIVE for abc, soaps, forums, blogs, fb, etc…….
          All I know is abc is NOT taking these shows back. DEAL with it. Your a BIG BOY!
          PP should have the support of those who have loved the abc soap shows.
          Put your negative energy into something positive.
          The world will look better for you.

          Good luck with that!

          Get a dictionary out btw……nothing bothers me wrong when people start flapping and mispell words.

          • you are complainig about spelling when you use the grammer of an imigrant right off the boat you are a class A jerk lol

          • My2Cents

            At least I got off the boat.
            Your still riding it.
            IGNORANT MORON

          • My2Cents

            lol….At least I knew when to get off the boat.
            You are still riding it as clueless as they come.

          • My2Cents

            Talking about stupidity, I think you stole the title on FB!!!!

          • I think it is you who needs to find not only a dictionary as well as a grammar usage book.  Your post contains two sentence fragments, a comma splice, misuse of “your,” and your final comment makes no sense.  You write, “…nothing bothers me wrong when people start…”  What is “…bothers me wrong…” supposed to mean?

          • My2Cents

            Have you people ever watched this show? I doubt it.
            You are a bunch of ‘follower’s’ with no life.

            NO, I haven’t watched this show, and for that reason I can’t disrespect it because it took the place of another show. Geezzzzz….go put your negativity toward something positive in this world.
            HATEFUL useless people……

  • Well, if being hostile is your response, none of anybpdy’s prior response to you have been HOSTILE, or disrespectful, and if you are reading any response in there entirety, you should have concluded, that NONE OF US expect the people ABC daytime to ever bring the soaps back, the point of this discussion is that those in charge of the choice made sow what they reap, BRAIN FRONS and his “SO-CALLED” boss should experience the full measure of their executive choice, unemployment so that trigger happy executives get its the veiwing public that decides the popularity of the programs broadcasted, not someone whose bottom line is saving money by dropping shows that are more in cost to produce, but overall, make more money in advertising as the viewing pubic is larger, and their advertising get paid MORE ATTENTION to, versus, everyone who has been ignored, now has rallied together to their opinions across, that is, we will not watch the CHEW, and any company that sponsers the CHEW will also suffer by all of us refraining from buying any of their products, so, if your maturity is proven by name calling and insults, well, that speaks VOLUMES about you.  Perhaps you should get a DICTIONARY out and read the definitions of kindness and disrespect, and young lady, old lady, or whomever/ whatever it is that it is hiding behing the keyboard typing your responses, HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY//EVENING wherever it is that you reading and typing your posts

    • My2Cents

      Re-read your posts to me. You have started the attack. Why? For me voicing a POSITIVE opinion instead of a NEGATIVE like the rest??.
      I don’t play that game.
      You have a nice evening as well….

  • I am so glad that the chew is not doing good. This will teach ABC  a good lesson. I also stop watching dwts too i now only watch the two remaining soaps. Angie has now over to the young and the restless cast

  • Erica and I graduated High School together, my boyfriend was cuter than Jeff Martin though. AMC was getting boring  and a little heavy on the gay agenda, I may be old fashioned but watching women kiss gags me! OLTL is the BEST, and I can not believe that is going instead of GH…the Sonny/Godfather crap was getting old and I stopped watching that years ago, I do like Jason, he’s a younger version of my husband and will be hot well into old age, still blows my skirt up! This is ABC and the entire network deserves to fail. I find myself watching FOX a lot now…well they have all the sports and local news in the morning and evening, in my area (Tampa Bay) all the other stations carry just National News, which scares the crap outta me. When you stop watching the ‘news’ and catch it on ABC it’s a heavy lean to the left and I don’t like that. Journalism is supposed to down the center and let the public draw their own conclusions. ABC doesn’t play fair but I hate politics so back to the CHEW
    I don’t know about anyone else, but even if they were not replacing a beloved soap, those commercials are irritating! I can’t stand to look at them, you know like the starving puppy ads only I’ll support PETA but not the CHEW or the VIEW, a bunch of women screaming over each other, yea that’s a good idea for a show NOT! ABC is history in my book. They just don’t have ANYTHING to offer. A Smart network would pick up OLTL!

    • Anonymous

      Maryellen, what do you mean by ‘the gay agenda’ ? Do you mean they are actually showing the real world where lots and lots of people are actually gay ? And  women kissing makes you gag ? Then i suggest you don’t kiss a woman. As for me, watching people shoot each other or animals, beat each other , and such , is what makes me gag… not seeing people who love each other. Actually i guess you’ve made yourself clear by saying you watch fox ‘news’…..
      I also will miss AMC, but taking it out on the chew makes no sense, it’s not their fault that AMC was cancelled…..

  • Anonymous

    hoping that “The Chew”  fails is just wishing that a whole cluster of other people are put out of work, not good!  BUT the flip side could be that seeing how much AMC is missed some other station, perhaps OPRAH or SOAP NET could bring it back. After all many of us watched it at different times on SOAP.