‘The Chew’ Beats ‘All My Children’s’ Most Recent Performance in Viewers and Women 18-49

Disney/ABC Television Group

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — One day on the air and “” is already beating “’s” most recent performance in Total Viewers and the key sales demographic of Women 18-49. The new food and lifestyle talk show also beat the soaps season to date performance for the 2010-2011 television season that concluded on Friday, September 16.

Per ABC via TVbytheNumbers.com, “The Chew” averaged 2.5 million viewers and 590,000 Women 18-49 viewers compared to “All My Children’s” average of 2.491 (averaged to 2.5 million for technicality purposes) and 532,000 Women 18-49 viewers during the week of September 12-16, 2011. It should be noted however that “AMC’s’ Monday, September 12 episode actually beat “Chew” in total viewers (2,640,000 vs 2,500,000). Ratings data for “All My Children’s” final week on television (September 19-23, 2011) won’t be released until as early as Thursday, but the 41-year old soap is expected to top “Chew’s” current performance in both viewers and demos.

For the 2010-2011 television season, “The Chew” beat “All My Children’s” average in Total Viewers (2.5 million vs. 2.4 million) and Women 18-49 (590,000/0.9 rating vs. 541,000/0.8 rating).

Also per ABC, “The Chew’s” premiere episode also exceeded the performance of the series debut of the networks flagship daytime program “,” which debuted in August 1997 with 1.9 million viewers, and CBS’ “,” which launched with 2.2 million viewers in October 2010. The network noted “Chew” also beat “Talk’s” premiere episode in Women 18-34 (167,000 vs. 158,000), Women 18-49 (590,000 vs. 568,000) and Women 25-54 (732,000 vs. 672,000), despite neither show airing against one another in the major markets.

“The Chew” is co-hosted by , and ,   and .

  • Yeah, let’s see what the ratings are in a few months. People always like something new, let’s see how long that lasts.

  • Well I didn’t watch it and the only way I would even consider watching it is if it moved to the morning or even better the Food Network channel

  • yeah I’m sure it did, with those Nielsen ratings boxes no one has anymore… give me a break. Did Frons give out a box to all his employes & make them watch??? sorry, not buying it.

  • Let’s see…ABC promoted the pants off “The Chew” every day for well over a month while “All My Children” was never promoted beyond ABC Daytime itself and SoapNet. And ABC LOST VIEWERS compared to Monday, 9/12’s “All My Children”!!! How long until “The Chew” sees its ratings fall to below 1.0? And how will the PR rodents spin that? Stay tuned—but NOT to “The Chew”.

  • Really more then AMC? Neilsen Raitings once again demographic of females ages 18-49 once AGAIN. What ever happened to the male opinion or women ages 50+, you see the ratings factor is not the actual ruling. We know that without those boxes, The Pike would bomb! Why doesn’t Neilsen include all walks of life

  • J

    it’s funny how ABC was able to get the ratings for the Chew so fast, but soap fans always had to wait a couple of weeks to get the ratings. The Chew won’t last. By the way to protest the cancellation of AMC and OLTL I cancelled by Disney credit card.

  • Must be the friends/family and sponsors of ABC and “The Spew” with their TV’s on AT WORK getting paid to watch it!!!

    I’ll also bet if you checked DVR’s, INT, SOAP NET, TAPES you’s be DOWN THE DRAIN!!!  How many people  recorded it to watch IT???   NONE!!

     Why, if they were doing so well, would THEY HAVE to SEND out emails to indiviuals to GET them to watch??? I recieved one and KEPT it for PROOF!!

     Did you also PAY college KIDS, DROPOUTS and ALIENS  to WATCH that crap??


  • Lynn Bishop

    Really?  That is quite comical.  I conducted my own survey this week by asking numerous contacts I have to do me a favor and just answer the following question “Have you heard of The Chew and did you by chance tune in to watch it this week”?  The recipients are all ages and both genders.   I received numerous responses in one day and not one person had any idea what The Chew is.  In fact one gentleman who is 30 asked me if it was a show about tobacco.  These ratings are rigged (most likely ABC employees and relatives) and inflated just like their Facebook site with 95k supposed “likes” before the show even premiered.  ABC is using the soap fans as a means to promote the show and increase interest but it will not be able to sustain.  It reminds me of the Emperor New Clothes…ABC is going to continue pretend The Chew is not butt naked when everyone can see it for what it really is.

  • Key word here is “Per ABC”. We all know what a liar ABC and group are. It has the look and feel of a show filmed in a garage. LMAO when they served burned pizza at the end of the first show. How many people will return after watching such a cheaply made show? If someone really wants to learn to “have a party in the kitchen” watch Martha at the same time on Hallmark. ABC is throwing all their resources at this show though because Frons doesn’t want to look like the fool we all know he is.

  • I agree with all the comments.  ABC stop thinking all of the soap fans are FOOLS!  None of us believes any of your ratings propaganda. We’ve had your rotten commercials for this idiotic show shoved down our throats since June.  The worst of all,  is how much it was promoted during AMC.  I’m sure you loved rubbing salt in all our wounds!.  You are all heartless SOB’s.  It must be nice to have so many people on your payroll that were probably threatened to lose their jobs if they didn’t tune in.  I DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS!  Again you  just want to prove that no one was watching the Soaps so you could justify the mess you made.  ABC, except for OLTL & GH is never tuned in at our house.  As for Disney,  I’ve convinced many friends and acquaintences to FORGET visiting any Disney Park and go somewhere (anywhere) else instead!  It’s a big world out there, you’re not the only place to visit.  I’m not done either. Every chance I get, I will continue to encourage people to boycott your companies.  Here’s hoping that all of you from Brian Frons on down will be unemployed SOON!

    • AND if AMC ratings for last week will not be released till next week, what makes them think people will believe that the ratings for the Chew are already out, and surpass AMC on day three vs. 41 yr soaps ratings. 

  • Wow, I needed some boots to wade through that “frons”. We knew ABC was full of “frons”, but this is ridiculous. BTW per ABC, the sky is green and the grass is red. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on.  ABC is not going to lie about its ratings; Nielsen and ABC’s competitors would never let them get away with that..  ABC will no doubt put the most favorable spin possible about the ratings, but the numbers are the numbers (though not the final numbers, which probably won’t be out for a few more days; these are overnights) The real issue is that you can’t tell how well a series is going to succeed from the ratings of the first episode.  Next Monday’s ratings will give a better picture.

  • this is bull crap, or no better the my dogs deflated CHEW TOY

  • i havent wtach the chew and i sitll will not watch it bring back amc

  • i want amc back i hope the chew  will go off the air

  • This is complete bull—-, of course they would say that. And if by chance people did watch it the 1st day it was to see what all the build was about. They have some ugly people on that show ( Carla ) and I have not watched it and will not watch.

  • Anonymous

    Its all about the almighty dollar!!!!  Everything revolves around money anymore……..ABC don’t give a crap about their faithful viewers for years and years… The Chew will Choke…just a matter of time!

  • Anonymous

    When I couldn:t watch All My Children on TV I watchedn it VIA the Internet. I will never Watch the Chew .Ijust lost 26 pounds, it took me a year of eating healthy and walking to do it , So why would I watch a Food Show? Americans are to fat now because of their obsession with food.I guess alot of over weight people watched it when they should have been out walking.

  •  I hate ” The Chew “. The last thing our over weight society needs is a show about a bunch of fat people feeding their already fat bodies. Please put  “All My Children” back on or give “General Hospital” more air time. “The Chew” is really a bummer. — Ronald Walter Klimmek of Glendale, Ca. —————

  • Anonymous

    I won’t watch the chew,bring back AMC,I’m going through withdrawals,just what we need,another boring food show !!!