Susan Lucci Shares Thoughts on Final Episode of All My Children

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has portrayed for 41-years – debuting during the shows 10 episode in January 1970 according to her book “All My Life,” and along with millions of viewers across the country she watched the soap that launched her career end its run on ABC earlier this afternoon. Ever the relevant personality (despite what ABC says), Lucci shares her thoughts with her Facebook friends and followers on the final episode of “AMC” and gives some minor hope as to what lies ahead for the soap opera in the coming months.

I just finished watching the last episode of – a very emotional time for me. I am so grateful to “The View” and ABC for their beautiful tribute show for ‘’ and . And to Agnes and to ABC for the incredible opportunity to play the amazing Erica Kane. At the center of all my gratitude is you, the fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for us, for spending all those days with us in and for bringing so much sunshine into my life.

Let’s hope we all get to see more of Pine Valley and the beloved characters Agnes Nixon has created. Today’s episode ended with quite a cliff hanger – and I really want to see what happens next!

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  • I believe the look on Agnes Nixon said it all
    today on The View today. All My Children is been a fixture in our lives
    as Agnes Nixon’s as well as all as the actors involved in the shows 41
    year history. Anyone involved in the demise of the Soap Opera Industry
    American Broadcasting Company/Brian Frons. American Broadcasting Company
    i am disabled i have Cerebral Palsy. I have watched Daytime Soaps for
    many years. Being disabled there are many things in life i cannot do
    because of the fact that i have Cerebral Palsy. So Daytime Soaps help
    fill the void that disabled people are missing in there lives. I also
    would like to say that soaps have help us all over the world we may get
    hooked on a certain CHARACTER that starts the ball rolling but Daytime
    Soaps are a teaching tool how the Social issues such us Abuse Abortion
    Age of consent Ageism, Affirmative action, Assimilation, Bullying, Body
    image, Censorship Civil rights, Corruption, Crime Dating, Depression,
    Disability rights, Discrimination, Divorce, Drug laws ,Education and
    school leaving age, Eating disorders, Family values, Gay rights, Gun
    control, HIV/AIDS, Pornography, Privacy, Problem gambling, Racism, Rape,
    Safety, Sexism, Social exclusion , Suicide, Violence, War. But yet
    American Broadcasting Company/Brian Frons thinks we as fans we to watch
    FoodNetwork Stars than rather then a show WE grew up with 41 years ago
    think again American Broadcasting Company. Yours Sincerely, Matthew

  • It’s disheartening to hear that ABC was treating the AMC stars so poorly!  I never saw or heard of a poll asking what the viewers wanted.  It sure wouldn’t have been more talk shows or food shows…  if that keeps up, there won’t be any good shows on television anymore and all that will be left are talk shows and reality TV, which is already crap.  I hope Prospect Park can get everyone back to Pine Valley and start the show rolling again.  I’ve been watching AMC since I was a kid in the mid-1970s and I feel like there’s a big whole in my world now that it’s off the air.  And to the AMC talent… Prospect Park is a new venture, so give them the benefit of the doubt that they wont’ treat you as crappy as ABC did!  Move over to the internet.  I have a feeling it’s the future of all the really good shows!  Broadcast television can have all the crappy reality TV and Prospect Park and the internet can have all the good high quality shows like All My Children!  I can’t wait for January and the new show to start!

    • Anonymous

      I refuse to watch ABC during the hours of All My Children, One Life to Live when it goes off the air in January.  I hope everyone who has grown up with these shows also boycotts ABC.  We can have our say if we all work together with this boycott.  No to anything else ABC wants to show us.  BOYCOTT ABC!!!

  • Avis Dillon

    ABC is nuts. I don’t care how “depleted” they thought the viewership was for AMC. To replace it with another FOOD show??? How many people do they really think will watch THAT?  Certainly not me!  I taped AMC every day faithfully so I didnt miss an episode.  It moved so fast that when you  miss a day, the next day you say “what the heck happened??”  I also wonder who is sponsoring The Chew (disgusting name, anyway).  I won’t be watching it to find out even.  Sponsors will soon find out that they are wasting their money. 

  • These soaps are something most of us grew up with, they were special to the Soap Public. Like Mathew Keller mentioned above, they hit on subjects they may not be mentioned enough and kept it going so the general public would understand their importance. 

    I am true follower and will continue on to internet, which I see as a new beginning something of a pioneer, might be a way to go when the regular channels discontinue a favorite series or a certain show.  They just may have hit on something, I for one will certainly be excited to try – something like when I was the first family in the block to have a television in our home – back in the 1950’s.  Good luck to all my soaps that have given so much pleasure to us, the consumer, or general public, who buys all your products that are advertised.  We might boycott or not forgive ABC for this change.  I don’t think I remember being asked if we were in favor of this change.  

    With the economy at a shaky state, and jobs being lost, this was not the time to cut off the Soap connection. The way that ABC went about it – was distasteful to say the lease.  Susan Lucci was on a book tour, telling all her fans that not to worry – everything okay with AMC – then the media reports that “All My Children and One Life To Live” had been CANCELED.  After 41 years, Susan Lucci – was not notified, but sent a letter that her show was canceled and her service would no longer be in need.  She has all the right to be pissed at the whole situation.  

    I want to wish Ms Susan Lucci, my best and I will miss her.  She made life interesting and a pleasure to watch.  Special Thank You to AGNES NIXON, who made “All My Children” worth watching.  There were a lot of actors I would like to personally mention each and everyone, but I would be here all night.  SO HERE IT GOES ” SPECIAL SPECIAL THANK YOU – TO ALL ACTORS AND CAST OF “ALL MY CHILDREN” – I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY.