OLTL Recap: Thursday, September 1, 2011

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( — “” Episode Recap – Thursday, September 1, 2011.

Brody appears increasingly guilty. He discovers Blanca trying to get answers re: the shooting and angrily tosses her off the property. Brody crosses with John at the station and then privately expresses his relief that the truth of Liam’s paternity remains a secret.

Rex is startled when he returns home to find Shane awake. Shane’s startled by the wet, bedraggled appearance of his dad. Rex claims to have been at Gigi’s grave. Shane claims he can’t sleep. The guys decide to watch TV and discover Blanca announcing news of the shooting. They both have muted reactions, both appearing somewhat guilty. Shane goes to bed. Rex is enigmatic as he watches him go, closing the living room doors, making us wonder if he’s putting the gun back into the safe.

Tomas is also muddy and wet when Baz discovers him at the café. Baz is upset; his father was supposed to meet him hours ago at Capricorn. Tomas claims that he had a flat in the storm and had to change it.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Viki has a few questions for Todd.
  • Cutter has a surprise visitor.
  • Rama gives Cristian some love advice.
  • My2Cents

    Brody needs to stop talking to himself outloud. Guilty or not, he is an idiot. Who talks to themselves about personal secrets in a house the size of Landfair??

    Though yesterday I ruled Brody out, today I am rethinking it. What storyline does he have other than keeping the baby’s paternity a secret? Once that is out, he will be done.

    I see Tomas leaving with Bas or whatever his kids name is. They will leave together. I already see them bonding.
    Rex & Shawn are both innocent. They would never have taken Jack to the hospital. So really, unless OLTL pulls something out of the hat, it has to be Todd or Brody who pulled the trigger.
    Remember, the show stops taping in 2 months. I don’t see RH going over to PP. So he may have pulled the trigger after all.

    • todd karasik

      Why wouldn’t RH go to PP?  If the pay is right….he will go.  I think PP is going to actively recruit Roger on.  I doubt Erika Slezak will go…..but I imagine the show to be about the younger generation with Todd, Blair, Tea, Starr, Jack, Jessica, John and Natalie, Ford, James, and Cutter. Bo and Nora will hopefully be matriarch and patriarch of the show.

  • My2Cents

    If RH walked away from abc, why would he go to PP, which is basically unknown??
    Do you think they will be able to match salaries?? If so..possibly.

    You have more confidence than I do. I can’t see John or Todd going to PP.
    Blair, Starr, Jack, Natalie, Ford, etc…YES.

    It has been reported here that BW wants out..
    As well as Tea wants out early.

    Now this is only what I am reading. Money talks, so who knows.

    I do agree, that the newer version of OLTL will be based on the younger set.

    For me, since I am middle age, that bothers me.
    One thing that OLTL always did, and that was use there VET players.