OLTL Recap: Monday, September 26, 2011

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Téa visits Todd and finally believes he’s innocent, after he swears on the lives of his children. He tells her about Irene offering him a deal. Téa agrees she’ll represent him. At EOD Todd receives a threat from Irene.

Irene visits Viki, ostensibly to apologize. Viki calls Bo and gets confirmation that Irene was released from jail. Viki berates Irene for her treatment of her sons and of her daughter Tina. At EOD Irene says she has one more thing to share with Viki: a gun that she points at her.

Blair tries to get Jack to admit he’s lying about Todd’s involvement in Victor’s death. She tells him Todd might get the death sentence. However Dani and Tomas interrupt just when Jack might confess to the lie. At EOD Tea returns home and Blair is about to take off with Jack to keep working on him, when someone enters. He is there about Victor Lord Jr’s last will and testament.

Tomas takes responsibility for the fact that Todd had to spend all those years behind bars.

John is about to admit to Natalie that he still loves her, when he sees her engagement ring. He learns she’s going to marry Brody. Bo sees Natalie is upset.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Tina returns for the reading of Victor’s will.
  • Starr learns of the note Irene sent to Todd.
  • Rex is visited yet again by Gigi’s ghost.

  • My2Cents

    This is what confuses me about John. I understand he loves Gnat, why I don’t know, but that isn’t the point.
    Natalie literally moved from his bed to Brody’s. Why would he want her back???
    I could see if she had been alone, but geez, she slept, moved in and got engaged within 6 months to another guy. Makes you wonder how much she loved John to begin with. JMO.

    Irene go away!!!! I don’t like you! You are evil. How dare you go to Victoria’s house after what you did!!

    Proud to see Blair taking care of Jack instead of going with Tomas.

    Since I FF thru all Baz, when did he go back to Paris?? I am assuming he is gone from the show now.

    Once Tea wins Todd’s case, what is to become of her?? I hope and pray she doesn’t leave OLTL.