OLTL PreVUE: Week of September 5 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of September 5, 2011.


Baz gets good news regarding his and Starr’s new single on Thursday, September 8. Later, however, Starr isn’t pleased after finding out who wants to record the single. Echo encounters Roxy in Angel Square while trying to take care of something for someone. Roxy is forced to sell her belongings on Friday, September 9. Cutter buys Roxy’s most prized possession. And Nigel thumbs his nose at Kim, even though Clint promises to help her. On Monday, September 5, “One Life to Live” will air an encore presentation of the April 6, 2011 episode where Rex and Gigi talk Shane out of jumping off of a roof, Matthew confesses to his parents that he murdered Eddie Ford, Clint is released from jail, and Viki opens up to Téa about Charlie’s affair with Echo.

The Inside Story: He Ain’t Got No Alibi
John interrogates a suspect in Victor’s murder who asserts his innocence on Tuesday, September 6. Téa barges her way into John’s office. Later, she slaps Todd, who blasts her for giving her heart to a fraud. John, Brody, and Natalie comb over the forensic report on the gun and make an interesting discovery. John tells Natalie he’s sorry for the loss of her uncle.  Todd is left without an alibi, and asks Téa to represent him on Wednesday, September 7. Echo questions Rex about his gun, and later has reason to doubt his claims. Shane overhears Echo and Rex’s conversation. Victor’s secretary gives Natalie some surprising information about Brody. Todd pleads with Starr to believe him. Natalie is less than forthcoming with John. Baz confides in Starr about Tomas. Téa gives Todd her answer. Tomas receives a mysterious phone call, and afterward reaches out to Blair. Téa  leans on Blair for support. By Friday, September 9, John catches Tomas in a lie, and receives a visit from Shaun with news that could further the investigation. Tomas confronts Baz. And Natalie confides in Brody.

A Closer Look: First Love
Cristian and Jessica wonder if there is still a spark between them on Tuesday, September 6, and ultimately kiss. Meanwhile, Kim takes Cutter by surprise, and tells him something important. Aubrey asks Rama about Kim, however Rama leaves out a few crucial details. On Wednesday, September 7, Cristian and Jessica realize there is still something between there. Cristian presents a memento from the past. Across town, Ford thinks about Tess, who urges him to keep fighting for her, only to find Cristian and Jessica together. Ford wants to know what is going on. Cristian receives an important message. On Thursday, September 8, returns to change someone’s life. Jessica and Ford discuss Cristian and Tess, and reach an understanding. And Cristian has a heart-to-heart with Carlotta. On Friday, September 9, Aubrey questions Cutter about Kim. And, while looking at her old yearbook, Aubrey receives a visit from Kim.


  • Natalie finally gets through to Todd.
  • Starr and Baz don’t see eye-to-eye about Rick.
  • Viki is worried about Clint getting mixed up with Kim.
  • Téa can’t believe what she sees.
  • Jack vows vengeance for Victor’s death.

  • My2Cents

    Cutter buys Roxie’s most prized possession? Where did he hussle up the money??
    Isn’t he broke??

    Tea has to be the BEST daytime actress there is. What awards if any has she won? If none, she is due!!

    Natalie combs over forensic evidence?? Ohhh that should go far. NOT!! How did she ever fool anyone into that role anyhow??

    Aubrey + Kim. Of course they must know one another!!
    Kim..leave Clint alone. He belongs to Vicki!!!

    So is it Brody who ‘dunnit’??

  • when will john find out liem is his son

    • My2Cents

      During the murder investigation.
      One way or another, it will come out then.

      There is only so much time left before the writing stops….

  • My2Cents

    Was I the only SHOCKED one when Kimmie was in one state and 5 minutes later back in Landview??
    As Aubry ? (This could be good!)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Kim is really Aubrey Wentworth.  That’s probably what David Vickers was holding over her.  She may be a stripper, but she’s a con artist at heart.

    Why does Roxy have to sell her belongings?  Rex is super rich, can’t he spare some change?

    I hope Tea tells Todd that she cannot (in good conscience) be his attorney. 

  • Anonymous

    I was actually shocked to see that Kimmie was Aubrey Wentworth…that means Rama knows Kimmie is Aubrey…unless Kimmie tells Clint, I see blackmail occuring