OLTL Alerts: Week of September 19 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “” DVR for the Week of September 19, 2011.


  • Monday: Todd needs Téa’s help. Brody pops the question to Natalie. Cutter realizes the gun is missing.
  • Tuesday: Todd has an encounter with Irene. Shane tries to get under Jack’s skin. Baz works to convince Starr to give Rick a chance to produce their single.
  • Wednesday: Someone discovers the identity of Kim’s friend in the Kentucky hospital room. Echo still doubts Rex’s innocence. Dani pays Todd a visit.
  • Thursday: Roxy questions John about his feelings for Natalie. The Ford brothers talk about their love lives. Blair gives Starr some bad news.
  • Friday: Blair thinks she knows how to get Jack to tell the truth. John confides in Bo. Natalie has something she needs to tell John.
  • My2Cents

    Gnat will blab about Brody to Jawn.
    WOW Brody propose’s?? She will accept. She always does!! lol
    However the wedding won’t happen. Sadly.

    What bad news does Blair have for Starr?? That Bas left town?? (hopefully) Or maybe Rick kills him??

    Yep I bet it is Clint who finds out about Stacey in the hospital. I can’t help wonder why she is in the hospital.
    And how she got there?
    Any clues??

    •  I don’t think its stacey in the hospital. I’m willing to bet that its Gigi. Just they way they been making it out. Explains why the date was cross out on the tombstone.why Kim was freak out about Rex having her body dug up.Another thing it explains why she doesn’t want her friend back in Llanview.

      • My2Cents

        How could that possibly be Gigi?? We saw her body.
        How would her dead body of gotten out of Landview to Kentucky??
        Help me understand. Because the only thing it could be, is that Stacey is alive.
        Right?? Or no?? Confused!!!!!!!

        • Stacy is coming back only Farah Fath will be playing her! *fingers crossed*

          • My2Cents

            Farah will be playing her..but why is Stacy laying in that bed, looking like she is in a coma??
            Grant it, she had plastic surgery, however she wouldn’t be ‘unconcious’ this long from that.
            Only in soaps…

          • I’m kinda confused. didn’t stacy lose rex’x baby and got brody drunk and got pregnate and had a baby. then fell thro the ice

          • My2Cents

            Yea she got a few people drunk in order to get pregnant and try to pass if off as Rex’s.
            Remember Fisch?? He was the one who ended up getting her pregnant. Once Stacey died the truth came out who the baby daddy was, and he and his partner took the baby to live with them.

  • Grace Foster

    Seriously, I am so sick of Brody continuing to keep this huge lie from John and Natalie.  I’m just sick of this story being drawn out longer and longer.  Natalie and Brody are the worst couple in daytime, and every time I see them sharing a scene together, I just want to throw up.  Natalie and John belong together and it’s about time that John finds out about Liam.  He deserves to be happy with Natalie and Liam, especially since he’s had 8 years in Llanview with very little to show for it, as far as having a family goes!   I really resent the writer for continuing to drag this out as more and more fans get more and more bored and disgusted with this story!

    • My2Cents

      I am not a fan of Natalie. Because of that, I don’t want to see her happy.

      I do agree, John deserves to know about Liam.
      With John going to PP, I am wondering what is to be with Natalie & Liam??