OLTL Alerts: Week of September 12 Edition

Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” DVR for the Week of September 12, 2011.


  • Monday: Natalie gives Todd some advice. Shaun has something to tell Brody. Cutter gets in over his head.
  • Tuesday: Todd attempts to bond with his son. Jack calls the cops on his dad. Phylicia asks Téa for legal advice regarding Destiny’s unborn baby.
  • Wednesday: Rex sees Gigi again. Starr and James have a difference of opinion about Rick. Rex calls on Madame Delphina.
  • Thursday: Viki is worried that Kim will persuade Clint to do something illegal. Téa can’t believe what she is seeing. Roxy has a talk with Cutter.
  • Friday: Jack is determined to get justice for Victor’s death. Someone is arrested for murder. Destiny makes an admission to Shaun.

  • My2Cents

    Natalie gives Todd advise?? How scary will that be?? YIKES!
    When did Gnat become a cop?? Why was she talking to the secretary of VJs?
    No other cops available/?

    Phylicia needs to calm down.

    Whomever is arrested for VJ’s murder, is not the one. They winding it up that fast?
    I don’t think so.

    If I didn’t know that Tomas was going to PP, I would think he was guilty.
    Rule him out.
    Can’t help but wonder, if at the time of the shooting, if the writers even knew who the shooter was.
    Considering, they didn’t know who would be staying with the show and who wouldn’t.

  • I thinks vjrs murderer is gonna blow all of us away we kno todd didnt do it thats a given wen he gave louie the gun. So now who?  Brody, Shane, Rex , or is Gigi really dead? Scrathed out year of death on her headstone makes me scratch my head and with all the theroies i have read nobody is mentioning that 2 econd scene a couple of week ago? This is soap land ladies think about it jac pooped his pants he definetly saw a ghost.