Lucci Out! Star Accused of Gouging In Wake of Blasting of ABC Daytime Exec


( — As Soap Opera Network reported late last week, Susan Lucci has added a scathing new chapter to “” scheduled to be included in the paperback release of her memoir on September 13. In the new epilogue, the actress who is known for being too well-mannered uncharacteristically blasts ABC Daytime Chief for what she feels is his mismanagement of ABC Daytime and his general arrogance. Following a weekend of book leaks, ABC released what could only be construed as a biting statement about Lucci’s book addition and conduct. On Tuesday – coincidentally or not – after getting information from an unnamed source, a article held back few jabs after revealing the actress turned down the offer to continue with “” online.

An epilogue is defined as a piece of writing usually included to conclude a body of work. On Saturday, September 3, as aforementioned, the New York Post not only revealed more juicy tidbits from Lucci’s new memoir epilogue detailing her feelings about the cancellation of the soap she put on the map in 1970, they also included a response from ABC in regard to it. An ABC Daytime spokesperson told the Post “we have all the respect in the world for Susan, and are sorry she felt the need to write this epilogue to an otherwise incredible career.” The negative connotation that statement ends on is hard to miss. Coincidentally on Tuesday, September 6, announced that Lucci officially turned down ’s more than fair offer to remain with the show due to trying to “gouge the producers for more money.” According to the article, Lucci was offered the same pay she currently receives at ABC Daytime but demanded a raise and perks including more time off. The article implies that the future of “AMC” is now in jeopardy and “” will become the focus of the new venture due to Lucci’s lack of cooperation with the company that has licensed “AMC” and “OLTL” from ABC. In the same article it was also announced that the production company had secured several “OLTL” stars to continue post-ABC Daytime including Llanview’s main leading lady Erika Slezak.

For her part, despite the addition to the book being written before Lucci learned of the licensing deal with Prospect Park, the Emmy Award winner recently told TV Guide Magazine’s she has no regrets about writing what was on her mind. Just last week, Lucci seemed to be a good bet to continue with Prospect Park. Once again speaking to TV Guide Magazine, she had this to say about the venture at that time: “my heart is there… I think it’s a very, very exciting possibility. I think that Prospect Park, the men involved there, have a wonderful, successful track record.” This leaves fans and the press alike wondering if ABC Daytime’s hurt feelings about Lucci speaking her mind was the real culprit behind this sudden turn of events or at least the negative tone now surrounding her current negotiation stand with Prospect Park. Jamey Giddens, from Daytime Confidential, reports that this may not be the end of talks. “AMC” creator is  still hoping to help Prospect Park reach an agreement with Lucci.

Whatever the case, on September 23, Lucci is slated to co-host “'” for a special tribute to “AMC.” “” is a part of ABC Daytime and the talk show’s daily hot topics may become even more heated if any of these topics reach the discussion table.

  • I like Lucci, but honestly, she’s lucky they offered her a matching salary because sounds like the rest of the group is taking a pay cut of some portion. Maybe now is the time for her to spread her wings past Erica Kane and strike out into prime time, etc and the dominant Kane woman can be Kendall. I always felt like they were setting up Kendall/Alicia to be Lucci’s eventual replacement. 

  • My2Cents

    I wouldn’t count her out yet.
    Sounds like she wants to make the move.
    In reality, PP needs these vets to get there shows off to a good start.

  • Does anyone else have a feeling this Prospect Park plan is a train wreck waiting to happen?!?  I think we should have allowed our shows to end peacefully and with dignity…i have a feeling they may have a devastating unceremoniously end with this new production plan with PP.  

  • I wish Susan all the best no matter what she does in the future. I praise her for speaking out about the despicable ABC management. They treated her like cow dung and have no right to speak about negativity when their asses are to blame. 

  • My2Cents

    Joni…Yes I agree. I am afraid it is a train wreck in process.
    However, with bringing over ES of OLTL, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I am wrong.
    I am also hoping that between now and January, a network will pick up these shows.

  • Everyone, please realize, she has not made any official statements turning down the ofer from PP.  And PP has not made any official statements either.  Soap fans, remember, you are the reason the genre has held on this long.  If we want it to continue, we need to show our support and encourage her to stay.  However, if her decision is to go, We can still enjoy AMC.  That is the way soaps have always gone.  People come and people go.  At this point we are quibbling over semantics.  The shows are saved!  They will be out of the hands of the ABC rat.  We did what we set out to do and should be grateful.  We absolutely did the right thing.  The only way this deal will not succeed is if fans have lied about thier love for these shows and do not make the move with them.  But keep in mind, people had to make the move from Radio to TV seventy years ago.  If we allow it, this could be an exciting development that puts soap fans in the forefront of a whole new era in entertainment, We have to be willing to adjust with it!

  • Susan Lucci is the same incredible class act she’s always been. She has a right to speak out against people who have disrespected her. I do hope she continues with the Prospect Park venture. Who better to lead fans across a new frontier than “Erica Cane”? But whatever she decides to do she should have fan support. Obviously she didn’t continue on the same show for decades by being difficult. If she feels she can’t work with things the way they are, we should give her the benefit of the doubt and support her…

  • My2Cents

    Robin Strasser, Susan & Ericka are 3 actress’s PP need to make a go on this new venture.