‘Life’ Goes On: ‘OLTL’ Cast Members Begin Signing On with Prospect Park

Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” fans have reason to celebrate today as a handful of the show’s current cast members, including six-time Daytime Emmy winner (Viki) have already agreed to make the transition with the show from ABC to online-only distribution with . According to Deadline Hollywood the company, which leased the rights to “OLTL” and sister soap “” in July, Slezak, along with (Blair), (John), and (Tomas) will all be remaining with the show after it airs its final ABC episode early next year.

“One Life’s” longest-running cast member, Erika Slezak has been with the soap since 1971. Kassie DePaiva first appeared on the show in 1993.  Michael Easton made his “OLTL” debut in 2003, and Ted King joined the show back in February of this year.

According to a statement from Prospect Park, “Pending a final agreement with , Prospect Park has confirmed that ‘One Life to Live’ cast members Ted King (Tomas Delgado), Michael Easton (John McBain), Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer) and star of stars Erika Slezak who plays Lord family matriarch Victoria Lord, have agreed to deals to join the company’s new production of ‘One Life to Live.’ This marks the first confirmation of cast members since Prospect Park began planning for the soap production to live on the new online network beyond its finale January televised date on ABC.”

Furthermore, Deadline’s reports that “I hear that Prospect Park may reevaluate its short-term strategy for the two soaps and put its muscle behind the higher-rated ‘OLTL,’ while moving ‘AMC’ to the back burner.”

  • My2Cents

    I was SHOCKED to hear ME & ES were going over to PP.
    Obviously, ES has a loyalty to her fans, and wants to see OLTL get off on a good start with this new company.
    She has been with this show for 40 years! You would think she would want to retire.
    Either way, I personally thank her.
    Not sure if I would follow the show on line, now I am certain to.
    (Hopefully Bravo will have picked up this show by then?)
    Was surprised at ME going over as well. Not so surprised for Blair. Knew she would go if asked.
    Can’t help but wonder if we have seen the last of Dorian??

    Would like to see Bo, Todd, Tea, David, Clint, Kimmie, Aubrey (did I just say that?) to follow.
    The rest?? Buh Bye!

    • Anonymous

      I  would like to see all the OLTL family join ES on the new online version of OLTL.

  • Anonymous

    Bring TSJ back also to continue to Victor & Todd storyline and reunite Victor with Tea and I will be straight

  • Anonymous

    will miss OLTL love the show, big mistake taking it off the air.  We have enough talk and cooking shows.

    I will NEVER look at channel 7 at 2:00 o’clock again.   BIG MISTAKE  BRAVO SHOULD TAKE OVER THE SHOW….

  • Anonymous

    I will not watch ABC in the afternoon again after All My Children, One Live To Live goes off the air.  I hope the shows they are replaces them with is one big flop and they lose a lot of money, which I’m sure they will because the new shows will never replace AMC or OLTL.

  • How are we going to get started to be able to watch AMC and OLTL on line? what do we do?

  • How are we going to be able to watch AMC and OLTL oline how do you get it set up to watch onlne?

    • My2Cents

      You do nothing right now.
      I don’t watch AMC so I don’t know how they are ending it. Are they wrapping up all storylines, or leave them to be picked back up??

      Right now, we have no website to turn to.
      As the days get closer they will announce it.

      I do know OLTL goes on line right after the show ends, so I am ‘assuming’ storylines pick up where they left off.

  • I will boycout these shows for sure