GH Recap: Wednesday, September 28, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Wednesday, September 28, 2011.


Shawn goes into damage control with the new cop, Delores Padillo. Kate faints at the hospital then goes for Carly’s jugular. Later Alexis and Kate have a heart to heart about Sonny.

Lulu tries to talk with Dante.

Ethan investigates a mysterious light at Wyndemere – but he’s being watched.

Maxie pushes Spinelli at a computer – only proving further his lost cyber memory.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Shawn covers a secret.
  • Lucky confides in Elizabeth as he sings to Aiden.
  • Ethan comes face to face with evil personified.

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  • My2Cents

    Did Kate faint?? Why don’t I remember that??
    Clearly she was upset, I must have missed that scene……

    NuMaxie…Did a great job, however, KS has owned the character of Maxie. She is irreplaceable.
    Though NuMaxie studied the character perfect, she still isn’t Maxie.

    Lulu take that costume off already!!!!!!!!!!

    Kate & Alexis going to be new bff’s?? Now that Diane is gone??

    Great to see Max today!! Horrible to see Shawn show up again. The guy creeps me out like no other.

    JaSam. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz………I think Sam should leave Jason, and Jason become a Mama’s boy!!
    That I like the best!!!!!