GH Recap: Tuesday, September 20, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 20, 2011.


Sam catches Jason as he practices walking down the aisle. Maxie jumps straight back into wedding preparations – without the ring (again). Franco is in his gallery, none too pleased that he never received an invitation to Jason and Sam’s wedding.

Johnny takes care of his father’s mess – and we see a new side to the mob prince. Lucky briefs Mac on the Luzetta drug case – and Siobhan’s murder, but Dante worries Lucky will incriminate himself despite Elizabeth’s support. Matt treats Elizabeth for her injuries. Maxie is twinged when she sees their closeness.

Carly and Shawn run into each other.

Kate has a heart-to-heart with Kristina, and Sonny tries to make peace with his daughter.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Maxie has her hands full with wedding disasters.
  • Dante gets some advice from his mother.
  • Spinelli tries and fails to come clean.
  • My2Cents

    I am OUTRAGED with this show!!!
    To begin with, STFU Sam!! When did she become a Dr??
    Anyone will know when you are hospitalized, the first thing they do is get you up and walking.
    So what was she BARKING about?? How can they even show such stupidity?

    Carly is walking around with the same red dress and heels for days now. Why is she hungry in front of Kelly’s?
    Last I knew she had a home, and a hotel/restaurant to run.
    WHY would she go to Kelly’s? Why wouldn’t she be home with her child since the baby is alone?? Morgan is gone.
    Metro Court. What happened to that? They tear the set down?? Between Olivia, Carly, and Jax being gone, is the Metro Court just going to drop out of sight too?? 

    Alexis. The mother of the child who just had surgery. Where is she?? Is it more important that we see scenes of Papa Z & Mad Man Sonny all the time??