( — “” Episode Recap – Friday, September 30, 2011.


Sonny shakes Johnny’s hand – but mobsters don’t do peace. Abby finds a vulnerable Michael crying alone. Lulu attacks her brother when Lucky reveals he should have been with Dante at the warehouse but couldn’t because of his drug addiction.

Lucky discovers an envelope Siobhan left for him, and Luke Spencer returns to the Haunted Star.

Carly helps Shawn defuse a sticky situation.

Ethan follows an open passageway door: is someone else there?

On the Next General Hospital

  • Honeymoon bliss for Jason and Sam?
  • Shawn refuses to divulge his past to Carly.
  • Kate comforts Sonny.

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  • My2Cents

    The only part of the show I paid attention to was the ones with Johnny.
    He isn’t stupid. Mobsters don’t make ‘peace’.

    While FFing I saw Lulu slap Lucky. Because Dante was there instead of him??

    Get that shrink going in the hospital….and while at it…reserve an appointment for Mr. Wolf.