GH PreVUE: Week of September 12 Edition

Bob D'Amico/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of September 12, 2011.


Skye exposes Tracy on Monday, September 12. Anthony has Tracy right where he wants her. Lucky and Dante discuss Lulu. Skye challenges Luke. Lucky and Lulu discuss Luke’s addiction. Luke watches as Lulu and Ethan share a conversation about life sans him. Patrick and Robin enjoy the pleasures of making-up on Tuesday, September 13. Matt and Patrick face off with Anthony. Shawn gets between Carly and Sonny. Carly has a very revealing encounter with Shawn. On Thursday, September 15, Jason makes a touching request of Spinelli. Sam’s wedding dress arrives.

The Inside Story: Love Lock-down
Spinelli is back but after ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time Maxie soon finds herself in need of his alter-ego’s brand of intellect. Lucky realizes what Siobhan’s clue means. He makes contact with Dante and Spinelli and together they search for a missing Elizabeth and Maxie. Dante questions Anthony and Johnny about Luzetta’s. Anthony sees a new side of Johnny. Spinelli updates Jason on the investigation. While Lucky and Spinelli follow separate leads on Friday, September 16, Elizabeth and Maxie plot their escape.

A Closer Look: Ain’t No Sunshine
Sonny overhears the cause of Kristina’s condition. An upset Sonny takes out his anger on Johnny. Olivia lays into Sonny after preventing him from committing murder. Kate gets reacquainted with Olivia and the conversation soon turns to the lure and pitfalls of loving Sonny Corinthos. On Wednesday, September 14, Molly freaks out when Kristina takes a turn for the worse. Shawn reaches out to Molly. Kristina is receptive to Johnny’s visit, but continues to reject Sonny. Sonny reels. Dante and Sonny face off. The topic of Sonny once again proves prominent for Kate and Olivia. Sonny and Kate come face to face.


  • Luke watches Tracy from a distance.
  • Franco decides to return to Port Charles in time for Jason and Sam’s wedding.
  • Johnny takes care of Anthony’s mess.
  • Spinelli has a secret.
  • Lucky’s addiction continues to haunt him.

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  • My2Cents

    Why was Skye in Pt Chuckles again????
    Sorry, I am just not ‘feeling’ Shawn. Let alone with Carly. NOT working for me.
    Next week’s weekly SEX scene will be with Patrick & Robin.
    Gee after that shower scene with Steve & Olivia, what could GW have planned this time??
    On the rooftop of the hospital?? Elevator??

    Spinelli is back. Already?? lol I didn’t miss him. I relished him being off screen.
    Sonny takes out his mean fustrations on Johnny. Again. Olivia to the rescue. Again.
    Shawn to the rescue again.
    Kate & Sonny. Part II

    There is not one storyline on this show that inspires me. ZIP.
    Why do I watch and put myself thru the misery??
    It is more than likely their last year on abc.
    After being a fan for 30 years, why quit on them now??