GH Alerts: Week of September 12 Edition


( — “” DVR for the Week of September 12, 2011.


  • Monday: Sonny lashes out at Johnny. Spinelli is back. Kate returns to Port Charles.
  • Tuesday: Olivia lays into Sonny. Maxie ends up in jeopardy. Patrick and Robin have some fun.
  • Wednesday: Shawn comforts a distraught Molly. Luke returns to Port Charles. Dante questions Anthony and Johnny about Luzetta’s.
  • Thursday: Sonny gets angry when Kristina sends him away. Jason makes an important decision regarding the wedding. Patrick has a heated conversation with Anthony.
  • Friday: Sam’s wedding gown arrives. Sonny and Kate come face to face. Lulu and Ethan discuss their missing father.

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  • My2Cents

    Honestly, I don’t mean to be a ‘downer’ here, but in summary for next week:
    Spinelli is back?? When did he leave??
    Sonny lash’s out at Johnny?? What else is new???
    GW has his ‘weekly’ sex scene, this week with Robin & Patrick.
    Shawn the ‘hero’ is back, yet again. To the rescue.
    Sonny & Kate..part II

  • Anonymous

    Carly could  at least tell Alexis and both of their children that Jax is alive she is a lot worst then Sonny!!!!

  • My2Cents

    What is with Alexis needing Sonny over Kristina??
    Since when did she need him when it came to Kristina?
    How easily she forgets ‘supposingly’ he killed her best friend.