Erika Slezak Lashes Out at ABC, Says ‘People Always Want Entertainment’

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — Never one to mince words when it comes to voicing her opinions on the behind-the-scenes antics of both Llanview and ABC,  “” leading lady (Viki) speaks out against her soon-to-be-ex boss and notes her optimism at the soap’s future with .

Slezak is among a number of daytime stars, producers, executives, and journalists who share their thoughts on “the rise, fall, and possible resurrection of an American institution” in the September/October edition of the magazine , in an special article entitled “Sex & Death in the Afternoon: An Oral History of the American Soap Opera.”

In the final section of the article, titled “Daytime Turns to Twilight (2000-Present),” the six-time Daytime Emmy winner takes a parting shot at the network’s head honcho, saying “I think that Brian Frons, the head of ABC Daytime, doesn’t believe in the genre. He never believed they could last. My biggest objection is ABC saying people don’t want entertainment anymore; they want information. That’s ridiculous. People always want entertainment.”

Earlier this week it was announced that the actress, who celebrated 40 years with “One Life to Live” in March and plays the show’s only surviving original character, would be remaining with the soap when it moves to online-only production with Prospect Park early next year. In a statement released on her official website, Slezak commented that “I am very happy to be going on with ‘OLTL’ and look forward to working with our new production company, Prospect Park. It’s very exciting to be moving into a new medium and I sincerely hope that our wonderful viewers will follow us there.”

Slezak also talked about the loss of long-time “OLTL” Director , who died on August 29 at the age of 97, stating “Please express my great sadness at David’s passing. He was totally instrumental in my getting this job and more than that, he taught me everything about working on TV. I owe him such a lot and will never be able to thank him properly, or repay him. Aside from that, David was a wonderful and talented man and I will miss him and always think of him.” Pressman directed episodes of “One Life” from 1970-1998.

  • Anonymous

    They never should have gotten rid of Dr. Larry (Wolek).

    My mother always said, if they ever got rid of Dr. Larry, then OLTL would go off the air.  And look what happened.

    • My2Cents

      Larry went off the air at least 15-20 years ago……

  • My2Cents

    They got rid of Dr Wolek long ago.
    I don’t see him as the factor why abc decided to get rid of OLTL.
    I do hope, since they never wrote him off properly, he does return before the show leaves abc.

    As far as ES goes, this is one classy & talented actress. I was ‘pleasantly’ surprised to hear she was moving over to PP since she has been with the show so long. I assumed she wanted to retire.
    However ES is committed to getting PP off and running. What a beautiful gesture on her part.

    I agree with the statement I watch TV for entertainment. I know I do.
    I also have to admit that I have zero tolerence for some actors/actress’s that don’t have talent, yet are put on our screen. To me that is a waste of time. ES doesn’t fall into that category. Neither does SL. Or RS!
    Years ago I didn’t like ‘Dorian’. Then it occured to me, am I watching because of her story, or am I watching her as a performer. She is one of the best.
    Hopefully we will be reading that she will be coming to PP as well.

    Great article Scotty!

  • Finally the actors speak out against the crazy soap killer FronsterMonster. Hope he gets “cancelled” soon too

    • My2Cents


  • todd karasik

    Ha!  I would hardly call Erika Slezak’s informed comments as “lashing out”. She does speak her mind, but is always respectful and professional.  I could not be happier that she is sticking with OLTL.  She is the glue that holds the show together.  Without her, OLTL would seem like a bad direct to video sequel. I hate that ABC is still going to profit from OLTL’s move to online, but what can you do?

    • Cancel and profit from it disgusting capitolism

  • what turns my stomach the most is abc insulting daytime viewers wih a cookng show that has two channels devoted to them. Abc says nobody is hom btween 1 and 4 and thts why ratings tanked so they fill itwith this trash food channel misfits. een a loyal fan of abc stories 30 yrs and honestly its al thats on for me teevision is a mind numbing repet of thesame concept reality show. To so coldly kill what generationsof women lov and be your largest market is to me obsurd. Want to make money donttake a dump on your bread ad butter. Nohig personal too all the men who have endured yeas of crying and anger talkig too the television for the woman they love have  one of hose wonderful men in my life now. ABC WE AS WOMEN DONTFORGET BURN US AND CHATER 11 WILL BE THE LAST CHAPTER OF YOUR STORY

  • My2Cents

    Let’s remember…hopefully PP will get picked up by Bravo or Style or another network.
    When that happens, abc will be wearing ‘egg’ on their face.

    • However, keeping in mind that Prospect Park is run by former Mouse House Execs, I fully believe that ABC still has its paws in the jar.  When The Choke and Puke tanks along with the Revolution they will try and bring these iconic shows back, but they will have been altered so much that no one will watch them.

      • My2Cents

        That is what you call ‘business smarts’.
        ABC wouldn’t ‘sell’. Only lease…..just to be able to collect $$ should the soaps flourish elsewhere.
        Whoever made that decision (abc) knew what they were doing. Unfortunately.

  • krk today

    What really irk’s me is all the advertsing they are doing for this stupid cooking show during the soaps we love.  Even the name of this show is disgusting.  I wouldn’t tune it in if it were the only daytime show on tv.  I FF the commercial’s for the show,  Seem’s like they are rubbing it in our face’s with these commercial’s.  Who watching OLTL or AMC can possibly appreciate the coming of this new show.  I have never watched The Talk which is tanking badly.  I was to much of a ATWT’s fan’s and GL fan to watch that or the game show that I don’t even know what it is called or care to know.  I have watched GH since 1963 and I have NEVER been asked to do the Neilson rating’s.  I believe the so called rating’s are bunk.  I will follow OLTL to the internet.  I really hope Roger sign’s on but I doubt that he will.  No matter I will till watch.

  • Grace Foster

    Nothing wrong with capitalism, but obviously ABC doesn’t understand capitalism and the free market system that this country was built on so strongly.  A free market system allows competition and free flow of products, and it is only successful if people will buy it.  People will not buy The Chew and The Revolution because it is not what the people want!  GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT and you will be prosperous!  

  • Anonymous

    I also agree that people want to be entertained.  We see and hear so much information on television, that it becomes information overload…I want to sit back during OLTL and be entertained, as I have since the summer of 1969! 

  • Do people still want entertainment? Does a bear “frons” in the woods? 

    • A new synonym is born!! I hope it catches on!!