Editor’s Notebook: ‘The Chew’ Debuts Today and I’m Pissed!

Craig Sjodin/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “’s” replacement show “” debuts today, just three days after “AMC” aired its final episode on ABC, and I can’t help myself in wishing it would just go away. No, it isn’t the show or what it is all about. In a perfect world I’d care to watch it from time to time, after all we all have to cook good and healthy meals don’t we? But it is the way the network went about handling “” which included non-stop advertising during “AMC’s” final weeks on television along with non-stop advertising on soap opera centered websites including Soap Opera Network that I find myself saying “what a way to spit on your audience.”

Of course daytime has changed according to ABC’s own research and their viewers were really tired of watching soap operas so it makes sense to promote your new shows to your audience, but the only audience you had were watching soaps, so who is going to watch “The Chew” if not soap fans? “The Chew” is being promoted everywhere you look. On TV, on billboards, in magazines and if I recall correctly (or IIRC) and not mistaken, it’s also being promoted in movie theaters with pre-show clippings. Where was this type of advertising for daytime soap operas?

Do I wish the show failure? If I were being honest with myself I’d say yes just so ABC can be proven wrong in their presumptions, but I don’t think it will bomb. No matter if it lands itself below “All My Children” in every category from here on out, it will still be a success for ABC because the network is spending 30-40% less than they did on “AMC.” Ratings no longer matter, it’s all about the bottom dollar and just like , who has joined the network as it gets ready to launch a hosted daytime talk show next year, said when he ran NBC  “we’re managing for margin, not for ratings. So it’s the expense of our shows, the consistency of our shows being on the schedule. It’s not determined by the size of the ratings, because the size of the ratings of a show we cannot afford is not going to do us any good anymore.” Right or wrong, that’s just the new reality.

  • Very well said!

    • I think all of us soap fans agree.  I watched AMC from day 1.  It was a staple in my house, like jobs used to be.  If ratings don’t matter how can we help this show become a big flop and a failure.  I know that it was hard trying to get into another soap and figure out what was going on but I switched my channel from ABC right before 1 and turned it back in time for OLTL.  I miss my soap, and I will miss them both very dearly.  WE want them back.

  • I actually like most of the hosts, the chefs, etc on The Chew, but deep down inside I wish like you wish, that it fails only to show ABC they are wrong. 

  • I’m 22 & I’ve been watching soaps with my mom since I can remember. Truth is she watched them with her mom & so and so forth. I don’t watch AMC I’m a big One Life to Live fan. If I had more time I would’ve watched “AMC” but my point is I can’t watch “The Chew”. In fact “The Chew” will probably be hard for most soap fans to swallow. You can’t not listen to your fanbase & expect them to stay loyal. It was all handled terrible.

  • When do they post the ratings for “The Ewwww”? I want it to tank so
    badly. I just used a napkin for a napkin and a bowl for a bowl #AMC

  • Anonymous

    I refused to watch it.  I watched Friday’s episode of All My Children again.  Tomorrow I will use that hour to catch up on recorded TV.

    • I agree with you! Shan’t watch it either, will watch my week’s  taped episodes of AMC as if it were still on!! Hope The Chew chokes on what it is cooking!!!!!

  • NBC did a smart thing in using the 1 PM hour today to bring back to Days of Our Lives many of the beloved characters of the past.  Many people love the soaps and have a ” bad taste in their mouths” for The Chew ( pun intended). Hopefully these dramas will be able to pull off the move to internet. For now, viewers may head back to NBC for their afternoon drama with familiar families and friends!

  • I don’t care what they say, but ratings do matter. If nobody watched it, they wouldn’t show it.

  • I wont watch it if i wanted to see it id turn on the food network where it should be shown not in place of a soap I have been watching for decades you see you didnt count the fans who tivoed or dvrd the soap because people do work and like to come home and relax with dinner and watch it no you just assumed and you know what assume means I hope your show bombs

  • It will never air on my TV. Like some have already said, if I want to watch a food show, I will turn to the food network.

  • We just have to remember never to watch “that show” and get your internet connection ready to support Prospect Park’s internet Soaps of AMC and OLTL. We have to support them. They bought the Soaps because they saw a demand, and hopefully the value, of these shows and the Actors…

  • lol. It will still go away pretty soon.. And then Frons is going to have to answer what he did wrong.

  • If they don’t want to spend the money for a scripted show ie: All My Children, and want to go for the cheaper product ie: The Chew, then I will go to another channel that actually cares what we, the people, want to watch and to heck with ABC/Disney.

  • Chantal

    I will watch OLTL and GH but nothing else on ABC, once those soaps are both gone, so am I. I will get my daily fix of AMC by watching old eps, and clips of my fave moments and couples on YT, to hold me over until Jan. “The Spew” may not run by ratings, but ABC will be well aware of viewer loss, and the show will tank. They’re gonna ultimately regret their decision, but I rest assured that even taken off tv screens, at least we still get AMC back again, it’s not lost to us, thank you Prospect!

  • I didn’t turn on my TV until 2p.m. when it was time for OLTL & then GH.  SCREW THE CHEW !  I agree with everyone else, I’ll NEVER watch it!  So the ratings don’t count, well then what about the loss of revenue from not watching the commercials?  I, for one, have purchased many products through the years that I’ve seen advertised while I watched my soaps.  Once OLTL & GH ar off network TV I won’t see ANY of their commercials.  I guess I’ll be buying the products that will be advertised on the internet when our soaps move there.  Hopefully the sponsors of these replacement shows are going to feel it in their wallet and finally realize what all the soap fans have been saying since April, WE DO MATTER AND OUR OPPINIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!  When this happens, be sure to thank Brian Frons by giving him HELL and kicking him to the curb!  

  • You were correct in the fact that ABC failed in how it dealt with its viewers. If we had not been treated so shabbily, then perhaps we might at least want to continue watching other programs on ABC. Even my local affiliate did not care whether I watched their station or not. So I certainly won’t. I have no desire to watch a cooking show, so not watching that show, isn’t much of a statement from me. But I have not watched ABC except for AMC and OLTL since April 14th. I might try to watch GH, but I imagine that after OLTL airs for the last time on ABC, I will block ABC from my satellite box and never think of ABC again. (I already have ABCFamily and all the Disney channels blocked)

  • If they spent half of the money they spent on promoting “The Chew” on promoting “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”, the return on investment probably would be comparable. I’m no expert on the matter, but the infestation of “Chew” promos gave new meaning to the phrase “ad nauseum”! When the promotional budget of “The Chew” is cut, which was probably about five minutes ago, let’s see how many affiliates want to drop it due to LOW RATINGS. And let’s see if ABC doesn’t cancel it. Oh, yes. Ratings will always matter.

  • I will never watch the spew or any other show that replaces a soap. Shame on you ABC. Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like old friends have died,I miss my soaps so MUCH!! Been watching from day 1 since I was 12 years old, over 40 years.