SOAPnet Reveals Post ‘All My Children’ Schedule, Slots ‘Days of our Lives’ into Primetime for the First Time

Disney/ABC Television Group

After a number of years being relegated to the 11:00 PM time slot (outside of the primetime hours of 8:00 to 11:00 PM), SOAPnet’s same day re-airings of NBC’s “” are about to replace ABC’s canceled “” in the 8:00 PM ET/PT slot after the latter soap goes off the air on Friday, September 23.

SOAPnet, which has aired “AMC” in the time period since the networks inception in January 2000, also announced a restructuring of its full lineup that includes the removal of “Ryan’s Hope,” the addition of “” and classic episodes of “All My Children,” “” and “.”

According to Soap Opera Digest, the weekend preceding “All My Children’s” final week on television, SOAPnet will air ten “Best of AMC'” hours, which includes five hours on Saturday, September 17 (7:00 PM ET/PT to midnight) and five hours on Sunday, September 18 (7:00 PM ET/PT to midnight).

Disney/ABC Television Group

What follows is the revised SOAPnet schedule beginning Monday, September 26 (all times eastern and pacific):

6:00 AM – (new time period)
7:00 AM – Days of our Lives (previous day airing; new time period)
8:00 AM – General Hospital (previous day airing; new time period)
9:00 AM – One Life to Live (previous day airing; new time period)
10:00 AM – (previous day airing; new time period)
11:00 AM – The O.C. (new time period)
12:00 PM – (new time period)
1:00 PM – One Tree Hill
2:00 PM – One Tree Hill
3:00 PM – Beverly Hills, (new time period)
4:00 PM – Beverly Hills, 90210
5:00 PM – Brothers & Sisters (new addition)
6:00 PM – Brothers & Sisters (new addition)
7:00 PM – The Young and the Restless (same day airing)
8:00 PM – Days of our Lives (same day airing; new time period)
9:00 PM – One Life to Live (same day airing)
10:00 PM – General Hospital (same day airing)
11:00 PM – The Young and the Restless (same day airing; new time period)
12:00 AM – Days of our Lives (previous day airing; new time period)
1:00 AM – One Life to Live (previous day airing; new time period)
2:00 AM – General Hospital (previous day airing; new time period)

*Note: Classic episodes of “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” will air at 3:00 AM, 4:00 AM (Monday through Friday) and 5:00 AM (Monday through Thursday and Sunday).

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least SoapNet is on the right track.  But instead of just running classic AMC episodes, why don’t they just run it from the beginning like they did with Ryan’s Hope?  Same thing with OLTL.  Here is a golden opportunity for SoapNet! Millions of viewers would tune in to see it from the beginning – think of all the young people who weren’t even born when these episodes first aired, could now see them on SoapNet – and the older viewers could take a trip down memory lane. Don’t understand why it’s not being done.

  • The “classic” episodes are crappy episodes from just a few years ago. The tapes from 1970 to 1976 were never kept. Also, SoapNet is owned by Disney, which owns ABC, and Frons is in charge. And SoapNet is disappearing in 2012. Don’t expect any smart decisions from SoapNet. And there’s absolutely no reason to stop airing RH.

  • I agree with denimgirl, I was born in the 1970’s and when I was 5years old off to Kindergarden I went, I was never to watch these as a youngster and really was never intereseted as I got older I would watch AMC, OLTL and Ryan’s Hope with my mother, at one point I lost interest with AMC and would only watch OLTL after my mother passed away in 2002 I started watching AMC again because my mother was a big fan, I would love and would be so interested to see how AMC was went it first aired in the 1970’s  

  • Barry Abel

    It would be a terrific idea for the Soap Opera Network to begin airing “All My Children” reruns starting from 1970.  I think it would attract more viewers and sponsers for te commercials.  AMC is so nostalgic and the idea of starting the series over from day one would be a tremendous hit

  • Barry Abel

    I think it would be a great idea for the Soap Opera Network to begin airing “All My Children” reruns starting from the 1970 first season once a day during the week.  AMC is so nostalgic and has been the launching pad for so many actors, that I believe the Soap Opera Network would attract new viewers and new advertising sponsors as well.

    • i  think  thats  a  wonderful  idea  i  would  definitally  which  something  like  that  the  earlier  eposides  are  really  interesting  to  to  which.

    • like it to

  • Really disappointed that Ryan’s Hope got cut.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy Days Of Our Lives I hope it stays on Soap Net Forever!

  • alista lebo

    would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see all the reruns from amc & oltl…I would be dvr’ing that! and watching it! I started watching it in the late 80’s and then off and on through my teen years in the 90’s then solid after I was 24…oh please please bring these classics to us!!!! from the start! I am watching one now actually…they aired when babe and bianca celebrated the kids bdays! LOVE i am in heaven!

  • there  seems  to  be  a  real  marketplace  for  old  soaps.  and  if  you  think  about  it  there  really  old  gems.  beacuse  they  dont  make  them  like  that  anymore  i  think  that  the  tv  stations  will  have  great  sucess  with  these  reruns  of  old  soaps

  • cool

  • some one keeps errsing one life to life wine it dvred
    if this keep on happing the cable will not renew the