So What’s Happening on Thursday’s ‘One Life to Live?’

Disney/ABC Television Group

( — Is there something special happening on this coming Thursday’s episode (August 25) of “?” We’re wondering because whatever was supposed to happen got changed and now everything about the episode is being kept tight lipped by the network. Other than it being Robin Strasser‘s second to last day as Dorian Lord and a big storyline about to kick off with some interesting (that’s saying it lightly) twists, we just can’t imagine what could actually be happening in the episode that would make it such a big secret.

What we can tell you is the episode kicks off a string of daily cliffhangers and the Tale isn’t over and is only just beginning!

Are you as curious as we are? Maybe we should all just tune into the episode and find out!? What do you think will happen?

  • Great Promo!!
    Now….do tell!!

  • maybe it will let us know that they arent taken OLTL off

    • Oh, wow. do you think they could?

  • Wonder if TIIC finally realized the story potential with continuing on with the “Tale” and re-wrote to allow Trevor to stay on and stay alive. I know he’s already finished taping but they can “fix” that…

    • That would be wonderful! I hate to see him go.

  • Probably that Gigi isn’t really dead, altho I don’t know how they’re going to get around that since her heart went to Clint. I guess we’ll all have to tune in to find out! Great promo! But I would have watched anyway!

  • Please let me know when and where I will be able to watch ABC soaps on the internet ???

  • Ok, so what was it? Other than they slipped in a segment of yesterday’s episode in the middle of the program. Could it be whatever the mystery was, is in that particular segment? Will have to watch again on SoapNet tonight and see if the same thing happens.

  • Well, there certainly was a surprise – 10 minutes of yesterday’s show aired in the middle of today’s show. (on ABC East Coast, at least)

    • Sure seems like that was the surprise wasn’t it?

  • Will the same thing happen when it airs on Soapnet?

  • Where is Dorian Lord, I just started watching again and noticed Dorian is not on the show?

  • What happened to Dorian I just started watching ag ina and haven’t seen her…. 

  • What happened to Dorian I just started watching again and haven’t seen her?