OLTL PreVUE: Week of August 22 Edition

Lou Rocco/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of August 22, 2011.


Jack observes Todd with Dorian’s gun on Monday, August 22. Téa remains committed to the man she married. Starr and Dani argue over Todd and Victor. By week’s end, Blair finds the gun missing. Todd and Victor have a huge confrontation. Bo tries to diffuse the tense situation. Téa and Blair remain in shock over the true identity of both men, but are unable to keep peace between the brothers.

The Inside Story: Dead or Alive?
Rex is shocked to find Kim using Gigi’s name at the Kentucky strip club on Monday, August 22. Kim tells Rex she is unable to help him. Gigi’s spirit urges Rex not to give up on her. Kim tells someone about her encounter with Rex. On Tuesday, August 23, Bo visits Asa’s grave on the anniversary of his death, and has a heart-to-heart talk with Renee. Clint is depressed that he can’t be at the mansion to honor his father’s legacy, and seeks Nigel’s help. Rex returns home and catches Natalie up to speed. Kim decides to return to Llanview. Rex tries to talk to Gigi. Kim pays David a visit. By Wednesday, August 24, Rex allows Clint to pay his respects, and father and son inch closer toward reconciliation. Bo, Joey, Kelly, and Natalie learn of Clint’s “escape” from Llanfair. Rex leaves the Buchanan’s to honor their fallen patriarch, and goes to the cemetery. Kim and David reach an understanding. Clint encounters his ex-wife. Rex makes a startling discovery on Friday, August 26, and asks Bo for a huge favor. Natalie tosses her step-mother out. And Kim arrives at Gigi’s grave.

A Closer Look: For the Love of Family
Ford and Jessica agree to keep their distance from one another. Joey and Kelly prepare to leave for London on Tuesday, August 23. Aubrey wishes Joey well. Kelly urges John to forgive Natalie. David chooses love over his career. John leaves Dorian with a little unfinished business to take care of. Natalie gives John back the tape on Wednesday, August 24. John asks Natalie about her visit with Delphina. Brody threatens Victor to keep quiet about Liam. Joey wonders if he parents new living arrangement might rekindle their relationship. Addie and the rest of the Cramer clan throw a farewell party for Dorian. On Friday, August 26, Viki and Dorian experience a little déjà vu, and later share an emotional farewell. And David says good-bye to Bo.


  • Someone is murdered in cold blood. But who pulled the trigger?
  • Tensions remain high between Phylicia and Nora.
  • Cutter has a surprise visitor from his past life.
  • Blair goes into panic mode when Jack turns up missing.
  • Several Llanview residents appear guilty of murder.
  • Anonymous

    A murder?? Who?? Victor?? Jack??

    Sounds like a great week on the soap. So the pony is about Kimmie using Gigi’s name.
    Rex is coming back to normal it sounds like. Which is good. Shane needs him.

    LOVE LOVE Dorian’s send off story. As well as David going with her!! He can ‘lunch’ with the President!!

    Why is that idiot Brody talking outloud about John being Liams father? And to Liam no less!!

    Clints runs away from Vicki’s to go pay tribute to ‘Pa’. Aww.
    I hope his heart don’t give out when he see’s Kimmie there.

    Why is my gut telling me Victor is found dead?

  • I suspect the pony is about a lot more than Kim using Gigi’s name – in all likelihood, someone else – who was always jealous of Gigi – is now using Gigi’s face

    • My2Cents

      OMG! Her sister!! Her sister was assumed drowned. Right?
      Its Stacy!

  • Anonymous

    OMG i am getting sick of this john/natiale/liam/brody s/l already do they have to drag this out forever just let him find out the truth already why is it taking so long