OLTL PreVUE: Week of August 15 Edition


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of August 15, 2011.


On Monday, August 15, Destiny confides in Dani that she has changed her mind about the baby. Phylicia and Nora have a confrontation regarding their children. Starr and Baz are excited about making some music together. Kelly decides to return to London on Tuesday, August 16, and Joey decides to go with her. Dorian receives an interesting phone call. David gets a new job offer from his agent. Meanwhile, Dorian decides to make a run for the Senate.

The Inside Story: The One and Only
Téa and Blair become jealous of one another for kissing the two Todds on Monday, August 15. Tomas walks in on the fight with surprising news. Baz returns from Paris, shocked by recent developments. Viki and the Todds are shocked by the arrival of someone from the past. Tomas is surprised to learn that Blair kissed Todd. The DNA results are in on Wednesday, August 17, and the real Todd Manning is finally revealed. Starr has a heart-to-heart talk with her father. At the same time, the other Todd isn’t ready to accept the truth. Tomas tells Blair how he feels about her. By Friday, August 19, Blair is shocked to learn who Todd really is. Meanwhile, the real Todd Manning vows revenge on the imposter. Todd is hurt that Blair didn’t believe him. The fake Todd is forced to deal with the people in his old life. And Téa finds herself alone with her husband.

A Closer Look: Oh, for the Love of Strippers
John and Brody have a tense encounter involving Liam. On Tuesday, August 16, Brody considers Todd a threat to his happiness. Natalie asks John for the blank tape from Gigi’s crime scene, hopeful Delphina can give her an answer. Rex searches for answers regarding the “Spotted Pony” clue he got from Delphina, and receives another visit from the great beyond. David is also researching the riddle. Cutter pushes Aubrey to put the moves on Rex. Cutters has a surprising reaction to the physic’s clue. On Wednesday, August 17, David figures out that “Spotted Pony” is a strip club in Kentucky. Cutter overhears Rex’s conversation with Delphina, who helps Roxy try to make contact with Gigi. Delphina points Natalie in Todd’s direction. She then shares the information with Brody on Thursday, August 18. Brody tries to stall Natalie. Rex heads for Kentucky with Natalie. Cutter accuses Rama of sharing secrets withe Rex. On Friday, August 19, Natalie suffers a case of mistaken identity with the club manager. A dancer named Gigi catches Rex’s eye. Jessica’s anger reminds Ford of Tess and he kisses her. And Cutter and Aubrey reminisce about their past.


  • Dorian and David say good-bye to Llanview.
  • Shane needs Brody’s help to get back at Jack.
  • Joey wonders if his parents will reunite.
  • Clint encounters his most recent ex-wife.
  • A gun is stolen from Dorian’s safe.

  • Anonymous

    I feel the end creeping up on us.
    Sadly. Sounds like all my fav’s are saying good-bye.

    Since I ff thru all teen stories now, once Clint & Vicki reconsile..I will say my own good byes.
    No interest in Baz & Starr & James & another pregnancy story. We did all that already.

  • I agree. I’m quite dismayed about the direction of the writing. This really feels like the end is upon us. Yes, One Life to Live is on fire right now, but once Dorian leaves… it will be such an immense loss. The show will go on, but with so many exits upon us, and with a handful of returns of characters that would not otherwise be returning if the show wasn’t ending- this really is making it hard not to look at this like ‘the end’. I wish a cable network would pick up OLTL & AMC. More actors would without a doubt be more inclined to stay with the shows, if their talented beings actually showed on TV- where they belong.

    • Anonymous

      I am not a huge fan of Blair’s. However, you bring strong points as far as 2 grown women fighting over the 2 Todds. IMO-ONLY I don’t see Tea staying after TSJ leaves the show.
      Tea is one of my fav’s.

      I don’t think once OLTL comes back to either cable or the internet, we will recognize very many.
      I think the concept may be similar, but no David? No Dorain? No Victoria?? Clint? Echo?
      I see ES as retiring.
      She has put in her time, so this must be her time to leave when the show ends.
      Other than the teens & perhaps Natalie, (Brody) I see the cast leaving 🙁
      We have Rex leaving next week, David & Dorian, Joey & Kelly. That is alot to lose in a week!!
      Who is left to watch beside Vicki & Clint? Aubrey & possee??
      TSJ time must be almost up, he stopped taping a few weeks back.
      Sad. Very Sad.

      • RUMOR (has not been confirmed) is that Florencia Lozano (Tea) will be leaving early. I hope with all of my heart that it isn’t true. She’s one of my favorites too. I don’t mind Joey leaving; I’m not really a fan- the actor is a very nice man, and he’s a good actor, but the character is not that great. Poor Gina Tognoni- the original Kelly- was never given much of a storyline since her long awaited return, which is such a shame in my opinion. I will miss seeing her lovely face on OLTL, but the reality is that they failed to give her material, and she’s such a talent. Having Robin Strasser (Dorian) leave early is the biggest mistake OLTL has made in a while; yes, she does have a back problem/health concern, but she volunteered to work a month more, but they sent her out early. I do hope that David does show up every now and then- I don’t care what bogus excuse they come up with, as long as he graces the screen. Also, in regards to Robin Strasser- I read an exit interview, and she pretty much said that if Prospect park wants her to return, and they have a storylinef for her, she’d come ‘running back to Llanview…” Maybe she will return for the last couple of episodes if they call her back, who knows? …  I think it’s about time Brody left. I read that JPL (Rex) will be on the show until the end. TSJ is leaving…but we got RH (sort of a lose lose situation IMO…I love both actors, but I hate the character of Todd). Christian is also leaving early, but that makes sense- poor guy hasn’t had a storyline in years, and the Vegas are long gone. I would imagine that Aubrey & possee would leave soon too. But Tina & Cord are returning…and i’m sure many more returns are in the works.
        Erika Slezak: I get the feeling that she will continue with the show for as long as it airs. That’s just my gut.

        Anyway, I just really really hope that Tea, Blair, Bo, Nora, Viki, Clint, Roxy & Echo (Kim Zimmer is freaking awesome) stay with the show, at least until the end on ABC. I’m already missing Dorian like crazy, and she hasn’t even left on screen yet. It’s stupid though how she isn’t getting much airtime in her last weeks.

        • Anonymous

          Very nicely written post Michelle.

          I liked Kelly..would have preferred her with Kevin though..lol
          I was never a fan of Kim Zimmer before she came to OLTL.
          She is a great actress. LOVE when she is on. Ohhh I hope she stays until the end!
          Perhaps she will if Rex stays?? I can’t remember where I read, but I was under the impression Rex was leaving very soon. Since I can’t remember where I read it, I can’t refer you to the article.

          Are SPOILERS allowed on here in a blog??  I am a SPOILER freak, so when I learn something I am itching to tell someone! I like to use resources as to where I read the information.

          Dorian  has a brilliant farewell. That makes me happy. I remember reading something about her repeating something from behind the scenes and tptb were NOT happy with her. So when she asked to take time off, they were quick to say bye bye. They didn’t like her ‘voicing’ her opinion (in other words)
          Never say never. Who would have thought, that OLTL/AMC would be leased out, with the real possibility it landing on a cable chanel? When they made the announcement, thankfully viewers took action! 
          They new production company may need Dorian to lure back viewers.

          When do the teens leave?? lol

          • Thank You 🙂
            I also much prefer Kelly with Kevin. IMO they belong together.
            I’ve loved Kim Zimmer since her days on Guiding Light- she’s really one of the best in daytime. And the Robin Strasser/ Erika Slezak/ Kim Zimmer scenes are pure gold!
            Yep- keeping JPL on OLTL is a good enough reason to keep Kim Zimmer on screen too.
            And the confusion about JPL’s status is TOTALLY understandable and warranted; I had also read that JPL would be one of the actors to exit early with FF, but then I also read a counter status update that claimed JPL would be there until the end, and that FF would grace the screen as Gigi’s ghost.
            I love all the spoilers I can get too!
            I think Robin Strasser tweeted that Dorian gets a good farewell too. But I wish there would have been a Cramer women farewell. All they had to do was bring back the lovely Laura Bonnarigo (Cassie), and perhaps, the wonderful Addie, and perhaps Adrianna too! IMO, it’s unfortunate that they didn’t take advantage of having half the Cramer women on cast, and just bring back a couple more for a memorable goodbye. It would have been pretty cool seeing the Cramer women together once more.
            I’m really crossing my fingers for that cable network to pick up our soaps! The implications could impact the whole genre as well.
            And yes, those teens can’t leave soon enough.

          • Anonymous

            Dorian does have a nice farewell.
            Should tptb ever decide to bring her back if they go to cable…it could happen.

            Why is Baz back? That is scary. That tells me that they need ‘bodies’ to fill the rest of their ‘airtime’ while still on.
            So when they go off the air, will Baz & Starr become a singing duet?? lol  

          • Baz: I did read somewhere that his days on the show are numbered!!! Hopefully, it’s true.
            OLTL seems to be in a transitional period right now. Several big storylines are wrapping up as the summer comes to a close, as September approaches, and the last leg of storylines for OLTL’s run on ABC are about to begin. That’s probably why the filler storylines/characters are still there. I bet many of those characters will leave soon though.    LOL. I can’t see Baz & Starr as the next Peaches & Herb. That whole singing storyline was cheesy from the get go.  

          • Anonymous

            Well get use to it. Because the ‘duo’ is back!
            How can his days be numbered when there numbered for everyone??

            I do know that Cord & Tina are heading back!
            Kimmie is coming back.
            Irene is back!
            So for those who are leaving, I guess some are coming to say good-bye.

            I read (on here?) that Judith Light was coming back as the mother of someone who is already a cast member.
            Who could that be?

          • LOL. Yes, everybody’s days are ‘numbered’ to that extent, but I meant in a more recent regard, for Baz- that’s what I read.

            Judith Light returning is news to me. That’s cool though. I have no idea whose mother she will be though. Apparently, Marcie and Michael are coming back too.

            On a side note though, I’m getting so impatient with this PP thing- for All My Children’s sake. I just desperately need to hear that AMC & OLTL are moving to cable! It’s so unfortunate how a handful of the cast of AMC have already made other plans post AMC. Today it was announced that Jacob Young will be going to The Bold and the Beautiful….Not looking good for AMC.

          • Anonymous

            Not 100% about JL. I hope it turns out to be true. Once confirmed I will let you know.
            AMC/OLTL scheduled to start 1/12/12 on the net.
            Nothing about cable. I don’t see any major stars going to cable. JMO

  • Rex isn’t leaving. Not sure where that came from, but he is staying put at least for now. Clint and Viki have a long road ahead until they reconcile and I’d be willing to bet we won’t know for sure until the last week of shows if not the last episode. Their reunion will be similar to Reva and Josh’s on Guiding Light. Regardless, the show is amazing right now and I will be sad for it to end. 

    • Anonymous

      It has been reported on many sites that he has moved to CA with Farah.
      He also is starring in the reality soap show.

      I may be wrong, however, I will be very surprised if Rex is still here in 2 weeks.

      • Yes, I am aware that he is doing “Dirty Soap,” but he can be bicoastal until the show wraps. I think when he does wrap up, he will be courted by GH to be the new Dillon Quartermaine. I think Rex and Clint will set things right between them before JP leaves OLTL. That will take more than two weeks. Just being logical.

        • Anonymous

          Logical to you. Real for me.

          As far as Dillon Q..rumors. Nothing has been confirmed

          • are you 12? I didn’t say anything was confirmed. I said I THINK that GH will court him, I didn’t say THAT HE WAS going to GH.

          • Anonymous

            Yes I am 12. That makes you what? 6??
            What you think is of NO IMPORTANCE to me.

  • I also believe that Tea’ will stay around after TSJ leaves. Her chemistry with RH is explosive, so for the writers to ignore that would be ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      I see no chemistry at all with Tea and RH.
      I see it with Blair & RH.
      In reality, the show stops taping in November.
      2-3 months from now.
      The show is wrapping up.

      As far as Clint & Vicki, I believe they will stay untl the end.
      However, much to my dismay, they aren’t on every day.

      • I understand that the show’s last tape date is in November, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the canvas has to quit before then. If you don’t see RH and Florencia’s chemistry, then to each their own I suppose. I think you should check out some of their old scenes on YouTube and you might change your mind, but if you have already watched them or have been a long time viewer and still don’t see their chemistry, then it is what it is. I do think that Florencia also has intense chemistry with TSJ, but I don’t think if RH is the real Todd, that Florencia will be going anywhere anytime soon.

        • Anonymous

          YUP. To each their own.
          I see 0 chemistry with RH & Tea. Been watching OLTL since its premiere, so I don’t need to watch YTube to see what I see now. Not a fan of Blair’s at all….so nothing would make me happier if RH & Tea became a couple. I just think for now, they lack chemistry.
          Hopefully when TSJ is done, Tea stays. She is a brilliant actress. A wonderful asset to this show.

  • I also believe that Tea’ will stay around after TSJ leaves. Her chemistry with RH is explosive, so for the writers to ignore that would be ridiculous.

  • I also believe that Tea’ will stay around after TSJ leaves. Her chemistry with RH is explosive, so for the writers to ignore that would be ridiculous.

  • Not sure what purpose he’d serve, but I’m surprised that Max Holden wouldn’t be coming back. And no Renee? Presumably she still manages the hotel. It would be nice to see Viki’s “best friend” who’s not Irene, Dr. Wolek. I can see this breakneck pace continuing for 4 1/2 more months though, wrapping up the stories of the remaining characters. OLTL hasn’t had a slow week in ages. They scram a lot of story into one episode, yet there’s still pretty much a week between major reveals, since OLTL focuses so wonderfully on dialogue. (I bet their scripts weight twice as much as DAYS scripts)

    • Anonymous

      The ‘chance’ to see Dr Wolek would be a welcome miracle! Especially since we never learned why he left to begin with! Did we?? I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have asked him to return for the end. I wonder what he is doing now, if he is even alive?
      Awww that era of time…….
      Who wants to buy into this Irene has been alive?? Not me!