Look Who Never Left!

Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Back in June at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, “” executive producer  alluded to Soap Opera Network that we hadn’t seen the last of despite her character, Gigi Morasco, being killed off. In our Twitter posting that night, we stated “according to Frank Valentini, more surprises in store for #OLTL. Have we seen the last of Gigi? Don’t believe what you see!” Come August, that’s never been more certain!

During the “One Life to Live” Fan Club Weekend, Fath herself shed a little light on her storyline when she shared with a fan that “the storyline’s not over.” So how can that be considering Gigi died in June thanks to carbon monoxide poisoning after being locked in a basement by Jack Manning (), his buddy Brad (), and Llanview High School cheerleader Hayley ()? Well Gigi’s heart may have gone to Clint Buchanan (), which conveniently occurred off-screen, but Stacy’s (played by ) body was never recovered.

Interestingly enough, Stacy’s best friend Kim (), Clint’s most recent ex-wife, returns on Friday, August 19. In the episode, the character will learn some interesting information from Rex () about the goings on in Llanview and shares these tidbits with a certain someone next week.

We wonder what that means? Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean another twin? Another never dead in the first place?
    Clint is ‘heartless’. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why is it, everytime I see Farah, whether on OLTL or in a photo shoot, her hair is either styled different or cut different? Have I ever seen it the same twice??

    • she keep on changing her hair color eventually it will fall out

    • Anonymous

      She has the worst hair on tv since birdhair Linda Dano(Rae Cummings)

    • Anonymous

      I love it when a person doesn’t often wear the same hairstyle. As long as the hair appears groomed. What irks me most is some of the men on tv and in movies appear to just wash, towel dry their hair and go. Without so much as a comb or oil passing thru the hair.

      • My2Cents

        I agree. I like groomed hair.
        However, she changes her style as often as one changes their underwear.
        What is up with that?