Gina Tognoni Says Farewell to Llanview, Takes Tom Degnan With Her

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — According to during Saturday’s “Girl’s Night Out” event during the “” Fan Club Weekend, her character Kelly Cramer will be departing Llanview on Wednesday, August 24, when Kelly decides to return to London to be closer to her son Zane. Meanwhile, ‘s Joey Buchanan may not be far behind.

In a soon to be published interview with Soap Opera Network, Degnan explains that Joey finally has the woman he loves in his life and he doesn’t plan on giving her up this time, which is why Joey leaves town to be with his lady.

Before Kelly leaves town, however, look for her, Joey, and the rest of the Buchanan clan pay tribute to Asa (played by the late ) on the four year anniversary of his death. In addition, look for her to help her fellow Cramer girls give Dorian () a proper sendoff as she exits Llanview to launch her Senate campaign.

Tognoni was honored by “One Life to Live” Executive Producer and show cast and crew as she taped her final scenes on the ABC soap back on June 24.

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  • Anonymous

    Why can’t she take John with her?????

  • todd karasik

    She can always bring Zane back once the show goes to Prospect Park.  I hope so.  Gina is one of the best actresses on daytime tv right now.  Any show would be luck to have her.  I met her at the OLTL fan club event, and she is so personable in real life.  She has a big career ahead of her in whatever she decides to do.