GH Recap: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

( — “” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 23, 2011.


Elizabeth fears Lucky will blame her for some recent issues. Will Lucky find Siobhan’s mysterious message?

Carly and Shawn discuss family as Sonny takes vigil in his greatest regrets at the GH chapel. Sonny gets Michael on his side. Abby calls Michael out on his irresponsible support of his father over Jax.

Maxie takes Jackal, P.I., to Georgie’s grave in hopes that will jog his true identity.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Johnny overhears an important conversation between Anthony and Skye.
  • Dante arrives to find Sonny and Carly fighting.
  • Not much love between Sonny and Abby.

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  • So is Jax gone or is he reappearing again??
    LOVE his character, hope somehow this isn’t the end of Jasper.

    Very fustrated with the writing. It isn’t getting better.
    Tired of Lucky. Tired of everyone. Tired of the ‘impossible’ still surrounding this show.
    Ex: Jax jumped off a plane and he landed in the river by Pt Chuckles?? WTF?
    Shawn a stalker now? Everywhere Carly is he shows up??
    How could Anthony of killed Sio?? Are there no nurses walking in and out of the rooms?
    Sonny ‘praying’ is a joke. Michael’s obsession with his father is sick. And scary.
    Where is the change in Spinelli?? He is as idiotic as ever.
    Liz…why are they writing her like they do??
    She is so unlikable as a character.
    Where’s Monica?? Gone already?

    I was putting alot in to the new writing team. And WOW I am so disapointed with the show.