GH Recap: Thursday, August 11, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Thursday, August 11, 2011.


Carly leaves Jax a pleading message to return Josslyn. Dante overhears and takes off to prevent crime between Sonny and Jax. Meanwhile, Shawn interrupts Sonny’s plan to sabotage Jax’s plane. Sonny decks Dante when he tries to stop his father. Later, Shawn and Carly share a heartfelt moment in their search for Josslyn. Robin gets an unexpected visit from Jax and Josslyn.

Robin ultimately sides with Patrick, which Matt believes is preferential treatment, and we realize Robin has work cut out for her as Patrick’s wife and boss. Later, Robin and Mac discuss work-life balance.

Mac arrives at Jake’s in time to find out who is winning a drinking game.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Sonny arrives at the Drake home murderous.
  • Anthony orders a hit.
  • Johnny gets a gift from his father.

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  • Anonymous

    BRILLIANT episode!!
    First episode I completely enjoyed since new writing team took over.

    Alexis/Coleman/Diane…..STOLE the show. Is Uncle Mac going to play the game too and will we see him strip down as well?? I smell a Diane & Coleman hook up.

    Wasn’t happy with the comment Sam said to Monica about her being out of Jason’s life all these years.
    Does Sam have no sense who she is talking to??

    Jossie…touching the rain. PRICELESS.

    Sonny, who I usually like, was a complete PIG. Every scene with him in it wanted to make me shower.
    Dante is everywhere these days. He finds Liz, Lucky, hospital scenes, Carly, now the Jet? He shows up everywhere.
    Let me just say when this is all  over and done with, Dante needs to go to the gym to work out. A drug addict took him out, and now Sonny took him out??

    Jax, according to what he said to Jos, I believe is bringing her to Robin to return.
    I hope that lunatic doesn’t find his way over there.