GH Recap: Monday, August 29, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Monday, August 29, 2011.


We see a summary of Sam, Elizabeth, Carly and Monica’s fantasies – not all of which are rolling out happily. As Patrick desperately tries to save Jason in surgery, the women continue to imagine their lives with Jason had things gone a different way.

Skye gets a surprise visit from Johnny – but she gets the best of him. Tracy finds Skye with her hands in the Quartermaine safe, again.

Matt helps Elizabeth by replacing the missing drugs she used to treat Lucky’s overdose.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Sam prays for the wedding to move forward.
  • Kristina’s upset with Sonny.
  • Lulu overhears a conversation between Dante and Lucky.

  • My2Cents

    What did I miss today? I don’t remember seeing Johnny in any scene today. Or Skye.
    Am I  ‘losing it’?? Or were those scenes cut out?? And this article was written before?

    I saw Jason & the ladies finishing out their dream vision.
    My favorite dream vision was when Jason let Liz know, he wasn’t ‘that into her’!!
    No seriously…..LOVED the Q’s all gathered around bickering. Real or a dream, I liked it.
    I also enjoyed watching flashbacks. Remember baby Michael?? lol
    And Jason coming thru the living room on his motorcycle?? PRICELESS!