GH PreVUE: Week of August 15 Edition


( — A look at what’s happening on “” during the week of August 15, 2011.


Jackal, P.I. continues to perturb Maxie. Abby is unable to escape her past. Coleman and Diane decide to help Alexis and Mac out on Tuesday, August 16. Sam’s anxiety about Jason’s condition intensifies. Carly arrives to see Jason but comes face to face with Sam instead. Does Sam still have her boxing gloves on? Patrick, Matt and Robin argue over Jason’s case. Robin realizes what may be causing Jason’s seizures. On Wednesday, August 17, Tracy & Skye make little effort to disguise their strong distaste for each other. Skye presses Tracy to reveal her secret ties to the mob. Lulu & Dante celebrate her birthday on Friday, August 19.

The Inside Story: Love and Other Drugs
Ethan finds Anthony’s goon standing over Siobhan when he arrives at her hospital room. Elizabeth tells Lucky about Siobhan’s accident after helping him sober up. Lucky races to the hospital. Elizabeth is wistful as she watches Lucky look over Siobhan. Lulu worries about her brother. Elizabeth turns to Matt for help with the case Lucky is responsible for investigating. Ethan’s timing proves to once again be impeccable as Anthony’s goon moves to make another attempt on Siobhan’s life. Siobhan asks to see Elizabeth  after waking up on Thursday, August 18. The two women hash out their issues. Epiphany puts Anthony in his place when he arrives at General Hospital. Anthony proceeds with his deadly plan. Matt arrives on the scene as Anthony’s drug dealer is facing off with Lucky.

A Closer Look: No More I Love You’s
On Monday, August 15, Robin tries to get between Sonny & Jax as things begin to take an extremely volatile turn. Sonny shoots his gun. Dante arrives and arrests Sonny. Jax manages to make it to his plane and boards it unaware of Sonny’s sabotage. Dante makes it clear to Sonny that if he acts like a criminal that is exactly what he is going to treat him as. Jax’s plane goes down. Carly heads out to confront Sonny after learning about Jax. Carly slaps Sonny. She makes it abundantly clear to Sonny that he is no longer any part of her life. Jax’s body is found.


  • Anthony attacks a patient at General Hospital.
  • Lucky finds a message from Siobhan.
  • Maxie takes Jackal, P.I. to Georgie’s grave.
  • Sonny and Carly continue to battle.
  • Skye is keeping someone safe.

  • I can’t believe they are going to kill Jax.  I was holding out hope that we might see him again in the future once things cooled down.   Let’s stick with the Sonny show…great idea…NOT!!  The last thread holding me to GH is Jason and Sam.  They mess that up and I’m gone. 

    • Anonymous

      Keep hoping on Jax….Nothing is ever what it seems…….

  • Anonymous

    Like they say, what goes around comes around, you get what you deserve,And they way Jax went about everything Kidnapping His and Carly’s Daughter,I was really starting to hate the way they were having Jax turn out,He use to be a loving caring man on GH, and then they go and do this. They were having Jax be some what like Sonny, take what he wants when he wants,No matter the cost to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    NO!! Jackal is back???? NO!!!!!

  • each time i think the show gets better, it regresses.  here’s hoping Mr. Wolf doesn’t become best known as the guy who killed off Jax.  

    • Anonymous

      Actually Guza is the one who fired him. Though Wolfie could have hired him back…….they are leaving the door opened for him. So let’s hope!