GH Alerts: Week of August 15 Edition

Bob D'Amico/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” DVR for the Week of August 15, 2011.


  • Monday: Sonny faces off with Jax in the Drake living room. Carly wants an update on Josslyn. Maxie is jealous of all the attention Jackal, P.I., is paying Lulu.
  • Tuesday: Elizabeth tells Lucky about Siobhan’s accident. Dante makes it clear he is treating Sonny as a criminal. Abby is greatly disturbed when she overhears two women talking about her.
  • Wednesday: Lulu expresses great concern for her brother. Carly visits her friend. Tracy and Skye face off.
  • Thursday: Elizabeth asks Matt to test a suspicious prescription bottle. Siobhan asks to see Elizabeth. Carly swears Sonny out of her life.
  • Friday: Siobhan and Elizabeth discuss their relationship. Skye discovers someone she knows unconscious. Lulu and Dante make love.

  • When is someone going to stop Liz?? How many laws can she break and still be portrayed as a Saint?
    She is playing GOD with Lucky’s life…now she is asking a Dr to do something for her? If its so ethical, why not go thru proper channels?
    Sonny’s obsession with killing Jax is turning (for me) the once likable Sonny into the monster of yesteryears again.
    He doesn’t care about Jason dying, all he cares about is killing Jax. Not even Jossie is behind his rage.

  • I find myself fast fowarding Carly’s scenes.  I want to see more of Johnny Z.  Can’t you write a better story line for him.  He needs a love interest.  Remember, it’s people like Jax and Nichols that has kept some of us old timers watching.  They had a certain class that some of the others don’t.

    • Anonymous

      ‘They had a certain class’ that some of the others didn’t.

      I applaud that statement. I agree so much. That trait is what made them stand out from the rest.
      Johnny storyline will be picking up. Not sure I can tell spoilers on here, so I won’t say. lol