Former ‘DAYS’ Star Bryan Dattilo: Returning or Not?

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

( — When rumors began swirling back in June over the possible returns of , , and even to NBC’s “,” there was one other name on the list that unfortunately didn’t make it from rumorville to the confirmation stage weeks later. That name was .

Two months after the rumors first surfaced, fans have taken to to question “DAYS” cast members, writers and even soap opera publications, including Soap Opera Network, about their favorite actor and whether or not there are plans to return Dattilo’s character, Lucas Horton, to Salem now that some of Salem’s other popular characters and actors have returned.

A “DAYS” representative has finally set the record straight by stating that although the show is aware of fan interest in the actor and character and that “everyone wants him back”, there are “as of now no plans” to return the character or actor to the canvas.

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  • More reasons for me to hope this show gets canned! 🙂

  • More reasons for me to hope this show gets canned! 🙂

  • There is no reason for Lucas to come back, Sami has found her soulmate and it is her Rafe.  Rafe is the only man in Sami’s life that accepts her for who she is faults and all.  Lucas is an abusive alcoholic that smacks and belittles Sami and EJ is a rapist.  Everyone does not want Lucas back so get it right dool.  Safe love is real, loving and beautiful. 

    • Who d HELL is dis bastard rafe? E is just a FBI guy who killed his wife Emily and kept his secret from SAMI & E is a son of a bitch………… E is not even family with SAMI. After they married only they r family……… LUCAS is d father of SAMI’S 2 children WILL & ALLIE……. ITS boring dat dis bastard rafe is acting as d father of SAMI’S children which not even one of them r his which makes me sick. When ever there is a scene of rafe i would rather close my face…… SO PLEASE DOOL get RID of dis rafe and bring BACK LUCAS who is SAMI’S SOULMATE they both shared they passion towards them for d past 18yrs……………………. I would rather wished to see SAMI dies with d cancer and not being with rafe……… Its ok if days make rafe as a gay with sonny kiriakis………………………LUMI FOREVER…………………LIVING LUMI      

  • If they want ratings: bring back Sami with Ej.
    Rafe is the worst pairing Sami Brady ever had..he made her character boring..a shame..Sami was everything but boring but sadly now she is..and it is the worst curse for a fictional wonder your ratings are at their lowest Days..

  • At lease when Sami and Lucas, they had fun together, now Rafe is dull, boring.  He belittles Sami too. He did not believe she should work for the FBI in front of his sister Arianna and Brady. He is not willingly to discuss his past, his wife to be Emily and her sister Meredith. Sami must tell him everything, yet he tells her nothing.